Consistency in Times of Transition

Reading Bob Mayer’s blogs reminds me that I have already discovered,( usually by trial and subsequent error) that no matter what goal I set for myself, it cannot be achieved without consistent, directed effort. Coupled with the fact that in the past I have nearly always tried to do more than was humanly possible, and of course I wanted it done YESTERDAY,  it’s not a surprise that some things haven’t worked out as I’d planned…

But, luckily, many did. Now, with the help of some special people in my life, I am also learning to sit down and look at things a little more slowly. The world is not going to fall apart if I don’t do my whole list today, but I might.  An injury might put things back a day or a week or a year, but I’m finally believing that it’s okay.  SO, for me now, the goal is to set realistic, attainable ones and put in consistent, quiet effort to create my new reality.

My novel awaits me and my Dragon, but I just wanted to put this out there to any of you who might take something from it– my two cents for today. Puttin’ a little back.

Enjoy your day,


The new Dragon 11.5 upgrade is magnificent, if anyone’s in the market for voice recognition software!

Ta Da!

7 comments on “Consistency in Times of Transition

  1. Kamy says:

    Hi Lizzi
    I love your site- the designs are amazing.
    As for goal setting- those are damn hard and I am never patient either.
    So as long as goals are SMART- simple/measurable/attainable/realistic/time framed so that it can be achieved- you should be smooth sailing


    • Lizzi_writer says:

      Thanks for that, Kamy, I am working on it!! While doing my first synopsis for Strictly Single and finally thinking through all the character arcs, I realized that I’d just done some very interesting self psychoanalysis… Isn’t writing amazing….???
      Have a great evening, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!


  2. Talli Roland says:

    Thank you, Lizzi! I needed that. I tend to get very anxious about getting things done NOW.


    • Lizzi_writer says:

      So glad it makes a difference to someone. I had to get hit pretty hard to stop and slow down enough to get it, but what’s a few protruding discs and an annular ligament tear? I got a lot of writing time in!!!
      Glad it helped! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Any blog suggestions gratefully received. Just starting out cold! How did you find it, by the way?
      Thanks again,


    • Lizzi_writer says:

      ooops, sorry, was on YOUR blog yesterday!!! Glad to help. Your books look awesome. Will get one soon! take care,


  3. Nas Dean says:

    Great post! And get well soon!

    Came through from Talli Roland’s Blog.


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