My New Writing Pseudonym and Competition Entries

Hello there, welcome!

Previously using my true name (not born, but previously married!)  Elizabeth Thompson, I wish to announce the birth of my writing pseudonym  and entry into my first competitions:

My New Writing Pseudonym:

Lizzi Tremayne  

A new Facebook page will be started in this name.


Entry into my first  M & B New Voices Competition:

The first chapter of my first novel, Express Desire, an historical set in 1860 in the Old West, is posted on Mills & Boone’s New Voices Competition. Thanks to Mills & Boone for offering the competition and the chance for me to put it out there!  (Entry authored with my real name)

If you wish to take a look, make a comment, rate it, etc.,  it’s at .

Come on by!

There has been some awesome feedback to my entry,  like:

“… an attention to detail and richness that often goes hand in hand with a ‘literary novel.’ The descriptions are vivid and as such i would think your ultimate novel would have quite a high word count. It really does have the feel of a sweeping epic… writing style has a fluidity which is easy to read. …conflict and dialogue between the hero and heroine to show that immediate spart of attraction…. As a literary novel this slow burn which you do so well is to be expected, but I would struggle to place this in a category even with such a rich historical link. This is … a book that transmits over many levels and has a quiet intelligence which shows your voice beautifully. I would read more – I think however your book would be found sitting next to Phillipa Gregory on the book shelf. (At least it would be on mine!)”

by Colleen Sharpe See her Paranormal entry “Apples of Idunna” at


“really loved this. Well researched and I really enjoyed reading all that rich detail. Can’t wait for more.”

by  Kamy Chetty. See her contemporary romance entry “The Doctor’s Own Miracle Family” at


“…I was enthralled. Your heroine’s got guts and your hero’s got secrets – fabulous. I would love to read more to see how the relationship between H&H develops…”

by Jo Fereday. See her contemporary romance entry “The Trouble with a Perfect Life” at


“a strong (poignant) beginning, and have incorporated fascinating historical information. I like your strong, capable heroine, and your compassionate hero.”

by Amy Talbot


“…beautifully written and carefully researched. IMHO it has the potential to develop into a sweeping historical epic. I’d definitely read the rest…”

by Marian Rocco


“Cant wait for Chapter Two!!!”

by Sue Dobson


Thanks to all of you who took the time to read my story and make comments!

RWNZ Strictly Single Competition:

I have entered the first 7500 words plus synopsis of “Express Desireinto this competition. 


Stella Cameron’s Scarlet Boa Competition:

I have entered “Mad Colts and Cowboys,” a 1000 word “as close to all dialogue as possible” short story.


Ruby Slipper Sisterhood Make it Golden Contest:

I entered one line from “Mad Colts and Cowboys“. Didn’t make the first cut, but am learning “heaps,” as we say down under here!


Thank you, RWNZ, Stella Cameron and Ruby Sisterhood for the opportunities! (as well as to all those I drove a bit mad with my questions as deadlines approached!)

(Entries authored with my real name)


Take care out there, all of you!

Lizzi Tremayne

3 comments on “My New Writing Pseudonym and Competition Entries

  1. Nas Dean says:

    Hi Lizzi,

    All the best with all your entries!

    I also loved your NV entry.


  2. Lizzi_writer says:

    Thanks Nas!
    Glad you liked the entry! Working on the rest!!
    Take care,
    Lizzi TREMAYNE!


  3. Good post. I will be going through some of these issues as well..


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