Hello world, from NZ!

Hello all, my first post… I’d just like to thank the universe and special friends for offering choices, opening doors when they had seemed so very closed such a short time ago.

My new novel writing is opening doors for me. So is singing. And dancing.  I just discovered I will still be able to practice Equine Veterinary Dentistry as well as pursuing my next adventure,  a Graduate Diploma in Teaching. secondary level before my body gives up the ghost.

Moving into a new computer today with the help of my awesome boys. Thanks, Boys.

Koru, the designs around this blog, a few ideas about it:

Search for enlightenment : constant expansion : golden mean : sacred geometry : new beginnings : renewal : creation, hope and endless possiblilties.  A good place to start.

Have a good evening. Off to work on my historical novel.


15 comments on “Hello world, from NZ!

  1. Shirley Wine says:

    Well done Lizzie. I look forward to reading many more of your words of wisdom


  2. Lovely blog site – good luck with the historical!


  3. Cathryn Hein says:

    Your blog looks gorgeous, Lizzie!


  4. eric davis says:

    Always knew you were creative…And it was enough for me to READ my very first BLOG (seriously!). Best e


    • Lizzi_writer says:

      Thanks Eric, well done reading your first one. I’d only seen four before putting that together yesterday. It was a bit of a stretch, but I got it done! (proof that anyone can do it!!!) It’s almost as good as your amazing FB posts and photos of you and yours. Looking forward to your first book, ‘Travels With Eric, or Three Hundred Burros and a Dusty Little Bus’.. Hugs, L-


  5. LaVerne says:

    Hello Lizzi from Nelson! : )

    You sound like you’ve got a lot on the go – but all things you’re passionate about. Congratulations on doing things for YOU. We don’t do this enough. I look forward to hearing more from you : )


    • Lizzi_writer says:

      Thanks LaVerne, for the reply. Yes, isn’t that the truth. Will be working double or triple time to make it all work, but what’s new? Have just finished a short story for the Scarlet Boa competition and now it’s back to work on the historical. Oh yeah, need to get back to work now that the back has improved… No rest for the wicked! Take care and good writing!


  6. Vonnie says:

    Particulary want to hear about equine dentistry, Lizzi! (How are you going to introduce that into a romance novel)?

    Now in the Land of Oz


    • Lizzi_writer says:

      Thanks Vonnie, not quite sure how going to do that one,….
      ‘ The vet was tall, lean and lanky. As he leaned towards her and her big bay, with his long, straight instrument in hand, she… ‘ the mind boggles… Hey, that just might work! Let you know when I finish it…
      looking forward to meeting you at conference next year!


  7. Kirsten Petersen says:

    So THIS is a Blog! Did someone come up with this idea with you in mind?It will not be boring, you always have things happening and now you can share it with The World!
    Let me correct that: The Universe!
    God helps those who helps themselves!
    I love your Koru outlay, feels like “coming home” to one of my homes in the world, to where one of my seeds, blown in the wind, have landed and taken root..
    The very best of luck and happiness in your new and old endeavors, Lizzie!
    May the wind always be at your back.
    Love you

    Your Mommy, in this universe of possibilities


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