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Hello all!

My new website is now UP and mostly done…but…..

if you wish to receive any further notification of my blog posts,  you’ll need to re-subscribe on my NEW site. It’s at the same URL,, but it’s MUCH better.  I’ve spent the past month creating this site. Come see what a vet and writer can do with a bit (a lot?) of help.

Just click on my new header pic below and it’ll take you there!!!

My new header for new website!

The website is a little different…

I’ve started it with the blog as my landing page, which has now become a combined blog for four ventures: Lizzi Tremayne Author; Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks; Blue Mist Equine Veterinary Centre; and Horse, Geek, & Sword Literary Consultants. The last one is Matthew Tremayne and my newest venture!

The main menu leads to each of four business pages, so the site combines these four businesses in one web page. Everybody thought I was nuts to attempt it with my first website…but have you ever known me to do things the easy way? I can maintain ONE website, not four. It made it a little tricky, but it’s worked. 🙂

Come read about it!

Though apparently dissimilar, these pages and businesses share common threads…and more than a few horses…so I hope you like the changes!


This website will be going private soon, so come on by and renew our relationship on my new page!

More blog posts coming up. Things I want to share, in many areas. Feel free to share with others you think might be interested!

Thanks for being part of such an awesome group of readers.

See you over there!


Lizzi Tremayne

Something Special About Growing up in a Small Town

There’s something special about growing up in a small town, my name for a Main Street town. Like the song says, you know everybody and everybody knows you…and their parents might as well be yours, if you stepped out of line. But they were always there for you, just like your own parents, whenever you needed them.


My true home town…plus there are two bars and two churches not shown…used to be a gas station, but that was even before my time. The trailer at the fire station is new, though!

I live half a world away from there now, but if I wandered back tomorrow, they’d still be there for me, as I’d be for them.


People are there for each other in a small town. Many I know grew up in cities and never knew their neighbours. Now they’re adults, they still don’t know the people up and down their street. I don’t get it. I couldn’t live with myself—being so close to others and never even knowing them, what’s going on in their lives, if they’re okay. They look at me blankly when I ask.

My adopted High School town–where I nearly stayed. 🙂 xxx


What I Learned in a Small Town

I learned gratitude in a small town, and love, respect, and caring. How looking after others was important. Sure, it got me into some binds when I left that small town for the big smoke…but I survived, because I knew there were still many, many people back there in my family, but not of my blood, who loved me. Unconditionally.


4-H. Without it, and its caring parent leaders, I’m sure I’d never, ever, have gotten into Veterinary School at UC Davis! I pay it back when I can. Small towns taught me this.


I wish more people had the opportunity to grow up in a small town, or in a “small town in a big city”. I’m sure they exist. While people, wherever they live, are getting “closer via the internet”, often it’s merely virtual—further away from real human and animal contact, the thing which makes us “human”. In a small town or rural area, people still get the contact, because their friends and families are still there for them.



Without this contact, it becomes that much easier for people to hide away and not get the care and love they crave, but fear to request. Some retreat from the world, disappear, but others become increasingly capable of “inhuman” actions.


I know, this is more morose than my usual post, but there has to be an answer. We’ve lived in one of the most peaceful times in history, in the States, Canada and New Zealand. I think it blinds us a bit to what much of the rest of the world experiences daily.


Can we help create small towns wherever we are?

Can we begin to show those around us, city or town, some interest, care, compassion? Whoever they are? Maybe that neighbour who doesn’t talk with anyone is afraid to try? Maybe they just truly want to be left alone, but what if they didn’t? And you made the difference to their life? Go outside and do some fun things together with others…


Starting small, one candle at a time, we can create a small town anywhere…

One candle at a time, we can light up the world.

If we’re willing to take that step outside ourselves.

You never know the difference it might make,

To someone.

I think that’s why I was so pleased to be offered a place with Authors of Main Street. It felt a little like coming home. A group of people who support each other, cheer with each other, and sometimes, cry with each other. Now we’re putting out another “sweet” romance boxed set for Christmas. There’s a lot of care going out in one big package.


I hope it gives you some positivity and warm feelings as the weather turns colder for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere.


Take the chance to share a little of your light.





Seeing as this is my last blog post before the 12 October release of our new Christmas Boxed set, I thought I’d post Chapter Three of Once Upon a Vet School for you. It’s one of the nine complete stories in our set. No teasers in our sets! The previous two chapters are in my last two posts, in case you missed them!

14 OVS 7 Lena EBOOKcoverLG FILE

Once Upon a Vet School #7 is now available for preorder as part of our new boxed set at

004 website


It’ll be delivered to your Kindle on 12 October! Only a few days away!!!

I hope you enjoy reading all the stories. I sure have loved the ones I got to beta!

All your favorite Main Street authors have stories tucked inside. Remember, we are an international group so everyone’s Main Street is a little different. But don’t you think that’s what makes it fun?

These are clean stories you don’t have to hide from the children, and of course the same wonderful quality that you’ve come to expect from us. They’d make a great Christmas gift for just about anyone on your list.

And if you have any horse lovers in the family, expect your Kindle to vanish while they read  my novella!

All though September and October, you’ve been reading snippets of these stories, which are all complete and brand new stories!

So grab your 99c copy today! It will be delivered to your Kindle on October 12, USA time. There’s not a sinker in the bunch, so read them all!

What’s Christmas without a little romance?





And here’s your excerpt!


Once Upon a Vet School  #7   Lena Takes a Foal



Dr. Rye was our lecturer for Wednesday’s Equine Surgery lecture, so I didn’t have to see Ki—Dr. Allen, and my focus in class was impeccable.

It seems all I had to do was think of Kit for my face to heat up, and it was starting to look like I had it bad. Maybe that’s why I nearly dropped a container of colostrum when his voice came from over my shoulder as I struggled to get into a comfortable position, half-kneeling, halfway underneath a mare in the Large Animal ICU stall.

“What the heck are you doing under there?” he growled.

“What does it look like? Milking a mare,” I said, my voice shaky. It had taken the better part of a half hour to milk this much out of her, never mind having to do it in strange contortions around my non-bending limb.

“Does your supervisor know what your leg looks like?” He frowned.

That got my attention. I whipped my head around to see if my boss had heard him and nearly tipped over, then clambered the rest of the way to my feet.

“Please Ki—Dr. Allen, please don’t say anything to Frank. I need the hours—I can’t feed that horse or me without it.” I was pleading, now.

“You’re a pain in the rear, you know?” Kit shook his head. “But you’re a trier, I’ll give you that. Hasn’t anyone shown you how to milk a mare with a syringe?”

“A syringe? I think she might object.” I had to grin at that. “She’s really been good—hasn’t moved a muscle for me all this time,” I said, wrapping my arms around the mare’s neck and burying my steaming face in her mane. She whuffled softly as she nosed my bottom, then returned to her hay.

He stroked the mare, while he looked over her back at the premature foal sleeping in the straw.

“Is he nursing yet?”

“His suck reflex is improving a little, but we’re still tubing him with colostrum every few hours,” I said.

“Want to learn to milk a mare…a little faster?”

“You bet.” He had my full attention, now.

“Sit down and put that leg up while I do this.”

I sat, thankful to get my weight off it for a moment, while he searched the cabinet drawers for a big syringe and pulled the plunger out.

“You cut off the business end of the clear part, here,” he began sawing at it with a pocket knife, “then turn the plunger around.” When he was finished, he handed the contraption to me.

I stared at it, with no idea how to begin.

“You place the smooth end around the mare’s teat,” he grinned, “and slowly draw down on the plunger.”

“Seriously?” I jumped to my feet with a wince and tried it. With only gentle pressure on the plunger, the golden, syrupy colostrum just flowed into the syringe. I shook my head and swore softly.

“Works, doesn’t it?” He grinned.

“I can’t believe it,” I breathed. “Thank you so much.” If he wasn’t my hero before, he surely was now.

“That should speed it up a little.”

I filled the rest of my container in three minutes flat.

“I’ve spent…you don’t want to know how long…getting that same volume…” My voice dwindled off and I gazed at him. If student ICU techs hugged residents, I would have.

He took one look at me, then backed away, the beginnings of a smile running screaming from his face.

“Good, well—” he muttered, and spun toward the patient bulletin board, his knuckles so white on the pen in his hand, I thought I’d be cleaning up plastic fragments.

I shook my head and filled another container with the precious golden liquid while he stared fixedly at the pink treatment sheets. His fingers had relaxed, and now he merely played with his pager buttons.

“How is that mare, Charlotte, over in C-Barn?” he called across the room.

“I’m on my way over there now, thanks to your milking gadget. Without it, I’d have been ages longer.”

His narrowed brows softened and the corners of his mouth even lifted a little.

“No worries,” he said.

I stifled a chuckle. Sounded like he’s been hanging out with the new Kiwi Equine Repro resident. New Zealand idioms were popping up all over the vet school. I covered the beakers of colostrum, put one into the fridge, and left the other out for the little guy’s next feed.

“So why,” he remarked, under his breath, “the heck are you working? You should have that leg up somewhere, not running around barns making it worse.”

“I already told you why,” I hissed, glancing around. “It’s been up long enough. Time for exercise, Doc. Soon I’ll be a hundred percent again.”

He shook his head.

“You said you were a farrier before you became a vet,” I said, changing the subject.

“Yes, I was. Why?” He looked sideways at me.

“I spend as much time in the farrier shop here as Sean will have me, but they’re all client horses, so I can’t trim them. I’d like to learn.”

He flicked a glance my way.

“Why do you want to trim feet? You’re training to be a vet, not a shoer.”

“Horses depend on their feet for their living. It’s important they’re right.”

“It’s a lot like hard work.” His brow wrinkled, and he looked away for a moment.

“Way I figure it,” I said, “horse vets need to know about feet—and the fastest way to lose an owner’s confidence is to mangle a shoe removal or basic trim. I don’t want to be a farrier, but I’d sure like to be able to pull a shoe and decently trim and balance a hoof.”

His eyes lit up and his lips slowly formed a twisted grin.

I couldn’t help beaming back. Encouraged, I rattled on.

“I’ve spent a lot of time reading about feet, but I haven’t had the opportunity to actually trim them.” I fell silent for a moment, waiting, but Kit didn’t offer.

He turned away and began looking at records.

I took a deep breath and let it out slowly, then turned back toward the fridge and stared at it, unseeing.

“Guess I’ll have to take a farrier course when I’m done with vet school. Doesn’t look like I’ll learn much about trimming here,” I mumbled, half to myself, half to the fridge.

Behind me, Kit sighed.

“I could teach you,” he said.

I spun to stare at him, just as he blinked, as if he didn’t quite believe he’d just said that.

“Would you? Would you really?” I was stunned. After his last words, I truly hadn’t expected him to say that.

He swallowed hard, then nodded.

“Yep,” he said. “There are plenty of horses in the research herds that could use a bit of attention.”

“When can we start?” I was so excited, I nearly forgot to breathe.

His jaw tensed as he held his own breath in silence for long moments.

“I’ll make you a deal,” he finally said.

I narrowed my brows at him. This couldn’t be good.

“You do only what you absolutely must on that leg for two more weeks, and then if it’s significantly better, I’ll take you out and teach you to trim feet. Mind you, they’re pretty unkempt, and they’ll be a bit rough to handle—”

“—oh please?” I interrupted. Oh cripes, I was begging to do feet…but I meant it.

“Yes,” he sighed, “but remember the conditions, eh?”

“Got it loud and clear, Doc,” I said, and hobbled on before him, eager to show him the progress Charlotte had made since he’d changed the heel elevation of the shoe on her injured leg.


“Hey, want to go for some pizza?” one of the girls in my class asked the students standing around me.

“Yeah, let’s go. I’ve got room for one more in my car, Miranda,” one of the guys said, and walked past me to steer her in the right direction, without a glance at me.

I took a deep breath and shook my head, riffling through my pack for my schedule to see what else I needed to do before heading home.

Maybe I was just born different.

But horses liked me…and men, until they got to know me—usually too well, too soon. And then they’d disappear. I couldn’t seem to get that one figured out. My female friends usually kicked me from here to Christmas when I did it…again. I only gave the guys what they asked for…and then they despised me for—

—with a shudder, I saw it—in black and white on the page and my heart hits my boots.

Oh hell. My cousin’s wedding is tomorrow.

More people. I closed my eyes and sank down onto the nearest planter box.

“You okay?” Jess walked up and dropped her pack next to me. “How’s the leg?”

I sighed and let my bag slide to the ground, too.

“Okay, but I’ve a wedding tomorrow.”

“Why so glum? I love weddings. I’ll go.”

“Fine, you go in my place,” I said, and gritted my teeth.

“What’s not to like about a wedding?” She scrunched her face up.

“Too many people, all in one place. When your parents and grandparents all have retail stores, it doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert—you still need to serve the customers and act extroverted, regardless.”

“Probably the best thing they ever did for you—probably helped you get into vet school.”

“Yeah, maybe, but it makes my heart hurt.”

“You’re pretty extroverted now,” she said.

“You’d think so, wouldn’t you? I tell myself it doesn’t matter what people think of me…but it’s not true,” I whispered. “Nobody, even you, gets that I’m terrified—of what they might say, what they might do. At least horses and dogs love you when they love you, even if it’s just cupboard love—and they don’t bother to lie or make promises they won’t keep.”

Jess blinked and stared at me.

“The thought of going to a wedding brought out all that?”

“Well, yes. I mean, the ceremonies are all right. I usually even cry. And the dancing’s good, if there’s someone there who can swing dance…but the rest isn’t so hot…drunk people who want to get close,” I shuddered, “and think it’s okay because it’s a wedding.”

“True. You don’t do drunks, period. I’ve seen that.” Jess put an arm over my shoulders and gave me a hug.

“I can usually escape into a kitchen,” I said, with a hint of a grin. “I hate weddings with caterers, though. No escape hatch.”

“Didn’t you used to work for a catering company when you were an undergraduate? How’d you deal with that?”

“They didn’t maul the kitchen minions. Hey,” I grinned, “that’s an idea. I can take along a black skirt and white blouse…and just disappear into the woodwork.”

“So where is it?” Jess said, shaking her head and chuckling.

“At my Aunt’s ranch.”

“What’s wrong with that? She’s the one with all the horses, right? If the kitchen trick doesn’t work, you could always head for the stables.”

“That’s why I love you so much, Jess. You get it.”

“Yep,” she said. “Are you done feeling sorry for yourself? Because I’m hungry.”

“Aren’t you always?”

She beamed back at me. She’s a tall, gorgeous beanpole and eats whatever she wants. I am eternally jealous.


“Oh, Lena, how’s Sunshine been?” The new resident, Dr. Masters, nodded at a post-op colic horse standing with one hind leg cocked, his tail lazily twitching at a fly in the ICU stall beside her.

“He’s looking good,” I said, with a smile, and reached for a second fluid bottle. “He grazes well, ate his feed tonight, and started my shift with a full flake of hay. It’s half gone now.”

“Good, so he’s eating again…” Dr. Masters looked down at the horse’s record in her hand and cocked her head, brows coming together a little. “Have you been writing up the records?”

“If I can squeeze in the time, I do.” My face heated, and I bit my lip.

Did she mind?

“As busy as it is today? You don’t have to do that,” she said. “It’s my job to write them from your treatment sheets entries. You have enough to do.”

I blinked.

“Seriously? You residents never even get time to sleep. If you’d rather write them up, that’s fine, but if not, I’m happy to help.”

“Thanks Lena,” she said, with a sigh. “It’s appreciated. Make you a deal. If you think it’ll be good for your training, go ahead and do them if you want. I’ll critique and sign them off.”


“Sure. Happy to.”

“I’m after all the practice I can get,” I said, as Dr. Masters picked up a stack of records and ferried them toward the office. I jumped when I saw Kit already there, head down over his papers, scribbling for all he was worth. I hadn’t seen him come in. Butterflies bashing to escape my stomach walls, I shivered and turned on my bad leg with two, five-liter glass fluid bottles in my arms. I only just managed to keep my feet, and keep the profanity under my breath on my way to the barns. I really must learn to pay attention, even if the illustrious Dr. Allen was present.

Our residents, all of them, made me smile. For people, they’re pretty awesome, especially after my exposure to the wedding crowd last week. I’d survived, but only just. Ended up grooming horses in my silk dress. By the end of it, I could have come out of the pages of a Thelwell book—the sequence of drawings where a tidy rider begins all dressed for a show with the shaggy, muddy beast she’d evidently just pulled from the paddock…and their magical transformation to a gleaming, braided pony beside an exhausted and filthy ragamuffin with a trashed riding habit.

In C-Barn, I pulled the rope to raise the caged fluid bottle high above Cotillion. The palomino swung her head around and whickered at someone’s approach.

Kit. My heart jerked and I swallowed hard.

He reached out to the mare and she lipped at his fingers as our eyes met and held.

“How’s she going?”

“Her IV drip had stopped, but I’ve fixed it,” I said. “She’s looking a lot brighter than yesterday.”

“You know, you don’t have to write up records.” Kit looked at me sideways.

“I don’t have long until I get to be a real vet…and I need all the help I can get.”

“You’re doing pretty damn well already,” Kit said, his brows lowering. “Most third year students haven’t even tried procedures you do every shift as an ICU tech.”

“Yeah, well, that’s why I wanted to work here,” I said. “Even with this hospital’s big equine case load, the time in clinics is too short for me. I seem a bit slow to learn things.”

He rolled his eyes at that.

“You’re doing just what you need to be doing, and makin’ a good job of it.”

“It’d be nice if other people thought so,” I said, biting my lip. The black plastic cap from the new fluid bottle clicked into place as I shoved it onto the empty one.

“Who doesn’t think so?”

“Nobody,” I said, to my feet.


“I’m a pain in the neck, apparently, to my class.”

“I’d bet no resident or prof would say that,” Kit said, but he squirmed a little.

I swallowed hard. Guess he thought so, too. Must be my questions in class. I truly didn’t do it to show off. I just wanted to understand. If I learned it wrong the first time…

“Maybe if you kept your head down a little in cla—” Kit started.

“Seriously, you too?” I shook my head. And I’d thought…but that wasn’t worth thinking about, clearly. “Is there anything else you’d like to know about this horse, Dr. Allen?” In my iciest tone.

“Now don’t go gettin’ all huffy, I’m only trying to help.”

“Thank you for your concern.” I don’t imagine it sounded overly grateful, coming from between gritted teeth.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

“Okay, if you want to be that way about it,” he said. “Thanks, anyway, for taking such good care of the horses.”

“Any time,” I spat out, tucked my bottles beneath my arms, and bolted for B-Barn, the hemostats and stethoscope clipped to my scrubs swinging with every hop.


My alarm shocked me out of whatever pleasant dream had cocooned me. I smacked it on its head, then lay blinking at the sunshine streaming through the jasmine vines that waved in the open window. Their sweet, heady scent heavy in the early morning air. I rolled over, then sat bolt upright.

Today was the day.

My two weeks of penance were up. I had an appointment to make with a certain resident to trim feet. I stilled, though, thinking about our last meeting. I’d certainly have to apologize. I should’ve done it last week, but what can I say? I was gutless. After a deep breath to settle my butterflies into place, I shot out of bed and leapt into my clothes.

“What’s the hurry, girl? It’s early yet,” Tamarah said, dodging the gooey tennis ball the Lab spat at her from two feet away.

“Susie’s aim is improving.” I laughed. “Soon she won’t miss. I’m off.”

“You really are better,” she said, looking down at my leg.

“Amazing what a little water, sitting in the sun massaging, and jumping rope has done.” Most of the odd colors were gone and it was down to nearly normal size.

“So can you ride your bike yet?”

“Did it yesterday,” I nodded, pouring uncooked oats into a bowl. “Felt fine.”

“One lucky girl,” she said, and disappeared into her room, followed by the bouncing dog.

I wolfed my breakfast and shot across town. The only fly in the ointment was my treatment of Kit the other day. I chewed my lip over it while I waited outside K—I shook my head at myself—Dr. Allen’s office door. He arrived after only a few minutes, so I didn’t have long to stew.

“You all right?” He gave me a quizzical look.

“If I were any better, I’d be twins.” Cocky cover-up, with the butterflies bashing away inside me and my face doubtless bright red. “Um…Dr. Allen,” I groped for words, while I fisted the sides of my shirt, “I’m sorry about my attitude last week.” I dropped my eyes to the linoleum. “I had no call to jump down your throat like that—I’m…just a bit sensitive about the topic.”

“It’s okay, I understand.” Kit tried for a smile and shook his head, then he glanced down at my leg, below my running shorts. And froze in his fumbling with his door key. “What have you done with it?”

“Worked on it? It’s much better…” My heart sank. I thought it looked better…but maybe I was getting ahead of myself.

“It’s amazing.” He blinked, and stared again. “I’ve never seen bruises change that fast. How’d you do it?”

“I had motivation,” I said, resuming breathing again, and told him how, then continued. “I…I wanted to see if we could please make a time to go out and do feet.”

“You sure you’re ready for that?” He winced, glancing at the offending leg.

“I can jump rope, I rode my bicycle over here, and I’ve been working.”

“There’s still swelling on the front of the shin.”

“It seems to be a split muscle—it now sits over the top, see?” I propped my foot up on a handy chair and showed him.

“You’re right,” he said, his face coloring. “Well, I guess we’ve got a date.”

I gulped, at the same time he shuddered and stepped backward.

“Ah…” I said, backpaddling.

“Let me check my calendar,” he said in a rush, then tried a few more times to get the key into the lock.

If we weren’t both so uncomfortable, it would have been comic. As for me, tempting as he might be, it was time to take care of myself—and that didn’t include getting my heart burned again.

For quite some time in the foreseeable future.



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Merry Christmas, early!



Christmas! It’s Available for Pre-Order

Many of you have been asking when my latest novella, Once Upon a Vet School #7, would be out…It’s up for preorder now, as part of the Authors of Main Street’s Christmas Boxed set!
It’s only 99c (USD)
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Nine individual stories from the bestselling Authors of Main Street – New for the 2017 Christmas Season!

This year, The Authors of Main Street have combined their talent to bring you stories about love, the holidays, and babies from around the world. From the small hamlet of Eastport in Canada, to the gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand, to Main Street, USA… you’ll find the Christmas spirit and warm love stories on every page. And not all of our babies have pudgy little fingers and adorable toes… one of them has hooves and a mane (Yep, that’d be mine. How’d you guess?)

Inside this year’s box set, you’ll find Christmas novellas from Kristy Tate, Carol DeVaney, Jill James, E. Ayers, Lizzi Tremayne, Jude Knight, Stephanie Queen, Susan R. Hughes, and Leigh Morgan.

Snuggle up with your favorite blanket, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and let the Authors of Main Street help you celebrate the holiday season.

Authors of Main Street

Our 2017 edition of Christmas stories is now on Amazon on preorder,  Christmas Babies on Main Street. Release date Nov 12, 2017. All your favorite Main Street authors have stories tucked inside. Remember, we are an international group so everyone’s Main Street is a little different. But don’t you think that’s what makes it fun?

These are clean stories you don’t have to hide from the children, and of course the same wonderful quality that you’ve come to expect from us.

And if you have a horse lover in the family, expect your Kindle to vanish while she reads the novella from Lizzi Tremayne!

All though Sept. you’ve been reading snippets of these stories. All of our stories are complete, not teasers! And they are all brand new stories!

So grab your 99c copy today! It will be delivered to your Kindle Oct 12. And as one reader commented…

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AoMS Christmas Boxed Set Coming Up Soon! Sneak preview!

Posted on Authors of Main Street blog, and on my own!
Here’s Chapter One of Once Upon a Vet School #7 — Lena Takes a Foal
It’ll be part of the big Christmas Boxed Set that we of #AoMS are putting out soon for Christmas! Watch this space, or better yet, go on over to AoMS and subscribe to the blog to be kept updates!

My first stab (no pun intended, as a vet) at Contemporary Fiction!
Have a read!
Hope you love it!

Source: AoMS Christmas Boxed Set Coming Up Soon! Sneak preview!

Want a Little More Insight into Lizzi Tremayne?

Hi all,

I did a long post with SCREEDS of photos from growing up and the reenactment we do now last week.

It’s posted on Authors of Main Street blog, the group with whom I’m writing a Christmas Boxed Set!

Come on over and take a look!

I’ve started my Vet-Girl novella…and it’s a LOT of fun.

I hope you’ll all enjoy it.  It’ll be in that same boxed set, and I’ll keep you posted as to when and where you can pick it up.  It’ll be my newest series. 🙂  I’ll go back and finish this one after I get this first one out.


My speaking schedule is filling!

Check out the Upcoming Events page for details! Maybe I’ll be near you soon!

Take good care,



PS:  Maya sends kisses and asks where his carrots have gotten to. 🙂

Hi all!

I just put together a giggle for you over here on Authors of Main Street…

Come on by right here!!


And yes, A Sea of Green Unfolding will be available very soon!!!! Please don’t buy it yet until the latest version loads, probably by tomorrow afternoon.

I’ll post again when it’s up. This was an unedited version, sorry!

If you already have bought it, please message me to let me know and I can ask Amazon to get the newer one to you!

Thanks so much!




Nothing Makes you a Better Writer than Writing

Agree or disagree?

Come see why I think so, and have a few giggles, at my expense.


It’s over at Authors of Main Street.  My monthly blog with them!

It’s here.


Looking forward to seeing you there!





Blogging at Romance Recipes today! Come on by for Rewena (Māori) Bread!

Hello !

Thanks for stopping by!

I’m blogging today over at Romance Recipes,  check it out for a recipe! If you’re not from New Zealand, it’s probably new to you! 

It’s my version of

Rewena Bread   (Māori Bread!) 

Here’s the link!

It is so yummy!

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Here’s my recipe for Rewena (Maori) Bread along with an introduction to my historical romantic thriller,  A Sea of Green Unfolding. Please savour my recipe for rewena bread as you read about my new book!

The hero and heroine are Xavier and Aleksandra Argüello,  and this is their favorite new food in New Zealand, where they’ve just arrived…just in time to walk into the middle of the Waikato Wars! This is a favorite recipe of many Māori and Pākehā alike in New Zealand.

Recipe: Rewena (Māori) Bread

Starter bug (Hua Rēwana):


2 cup parāoa (flour)

4 tablespoons huka (sugar)IMG_5004

2 cooked rīwai / rewa (potato) or  kumara (sweet potato), cut up and boiled in was (water), cooled, then mashed by hand with the cooking water. Lumpy is fine.


1- Mix all ingredients together and put into a sterilized jar. Cover. Let it grow in a warm place. (Not a heating pad, too hot).

2- Feed the bug daily with: 1/2 cup flour, 1 tsp sugar and enough water to mix it all in. Lumpy is fine.

To improve bug for rising, at least once per week, mix into rēwana:  1cup flour, 1/2 cup sugar and boiled warm (not hot) potato water.  Important: If your water is chlorinated, boil it first, so the chlorine doesn’t kill the bug. Don’t overheat it, either. ☺

Rewena Bread


4 cups high grade parāoa (flour)

2 tablespoons (sugar)

2 cups wai (water)

2 cups hua rēwana (starter  bug)


Mix the flour and sugar, then make a well in the dry ingredients.

Add the bug and the water, then combine all ingredients.

Do not beat it. Knead gently ONLY until mixture loses its stickiness, maybe two – five minutes, with minimal flour. It will be soft and satiny.

Place in greased Dutch oven. Cover with cloth and leave to rise in warm place until doubled in size.

Heat oven to 425 degrees F(F) / 235 degrees C (C). Bake 10-12 minutes, then turn oven down to 360 F / 200 C for 10-12 minutes, then cook at 338 F / 187 C for about an hour.

Enjoy with butter, honey, jam, meat, whatever!


Tragedy strikes in Aleksandra and Xavier’s newly-found paradise on their California Rancho de las Pulgas. Von Tempsky invites them on a journey to a new life in peaceful New Zealand, but change is in the wind. When they reach Aotearoa, they disembark into a turbulent wilderness—where the wars between the European settlers and the local Māori have only just begun.

A Sea of Green Unfolding will be released in May 2017. See below for where to preorder!


In the multiply-awarded A Long Trail Rolling, Lizzi Tremayne told the story of Aleksandra Lekarski, a trapper’s daughter who finds herself alone—and running to prevent her father’s killer from discovering their family secret.

The third story, A Sea of Green Unfolding, finds Aleksandra and Xavier in California.

1862, Rancho de las Pulgas, San Francisco Bay

Tragedy strikes in Aleksandra and Xavier’s newly-found paradise on their California Rancho. Their friend, von Tempsky, invites them on a journey to adventure and a new life in peaceful New Zealand, but change is in the wind. When they reach Aotearoa, they disembark into a turbulent wilderness—where the land wars between the European settlers and the local Māori have only just begun.


This is the third novel in the series of historical romantic suspense sagas following Aleksandra and Xavier from the wilderness of 1860 Utah to Colonial New Zealand.

With Book One, A Long Trail Rolling, Lizzi Tremayne was: Finalist 2013 RWNZ Great Beginnings; Winner 2014 RWNZ Pacific Hearts Award; Winner 2015 RWNZ Koru Award for Best First Novel plus third in Koru Long Novel section; and finalist in the 2015 Best Indie Book Award.


November 1863      Waiau Bay,    West Coast ,   New Zealand

Aleksandra took a deep breath, and looked around them, into the first rays of sun, shining across the sea. In its path, the barque lay silhouetted–mainsail gone, the other two masts forlorn in their nakedness. There was movement on board, but Aleksandra couldn’t make out what was happening. She turned back to the shore. In the rapidly growing light, the beautiful white sand beach arced away in a long bay. A short distance away, a wide river mouth opened onto the beach, coming from a big valley in a wall of steep mountains. The beautiful sea of green that started at the shoreline seemed to go on forever, as far as the eye could see.

“Well, boy, how about some fresh water?” Aleksandra managed a smile and took a deep breath. “I don’t know where we are, but if Jacob’s right, this should be the East Coast of New Zealand, our new home.”

Dzień flicked his soggy ears, shook the rest of the sea water from his coat, and together they headed for the river.

There was so much green, green upon green, it dazzled the eyes. There was no sign of habitation. The massive trees were unlike any she’d seen before. Some were like the ferns in the redwoods of California, except that they were not bushes, but big trees. Fern trees. Amazing. Something moved to her left amongst the trees, and her hand slid to her hip, but her shashka was gone.

Her heart pounded against her ribs, before she remembered it was in her pack. She reached back to check it was still there. At the feel of its outline through the canvas, she broke out in a cold sweat.

She glanced skyward.

Thank you again.

Aleksandra slowly let out her breath.

A small stream crossed the beach ahead of her and she followed it toward the trees. She parted the bushes and peered into the darkness.

“Oh,” she breathed.

From over the sea, the sun’s early rays slipped inside the edge of the forest and caught a tiny, perfect, waterfall. It flowed from a stand of ferns, high up in a wall. The water glittered, as it tumbled from rock to rock, until it reached the stream at her feet.

She’d never seen anything so beautiful.

She scooped up a little of the water, drank a handful, then offered some to the old gods of the place. She bowed, then with one last backward glance, turned to go.

Dzień took advantage of her absence to browse on the bushes beside the beach.

“Let’s go find that river,” she said, and continued on until they came to the wide river. Untying the waist strap, she slid out of her knapsack. Dzień drank while she stripped off her wet clothes, shivering in the early morning air. Aleksandra followed him in, gasping at the temperature, then ducked all the way under and came up giggling. She slid under again, and rubbed her hair until it was cleaner than it had been for their months at sea. She never thought she’d be so happy to smell clean water, and feel clean herself.

Opening the pack, pulled out her wet shashka and bow, then extracted an oilskin-wrapped bundle. Her packed clothes were dry, as were her knives. Her hat was a little worse for the salt water, but it would do.

After her sodden garments, the soft warmth of her buckskins and her sequestered weapons were familiar and welcome. Dzień nearly inhaled the handfuls of corn she put into her hat for him and she repacked her bag, slinging it on again.

“First things first, pony.” She rubbed his neck, as they walked up the trail beside the river. “We’re looking for a needle in the haystack here…somehow, we need to find Gustavus von Tempsky.”

Something niggled at the back of her mind as she rambled on to the horse, but her brain wasn’t clear enough to grasp it.

“I think we’re in the right country, but I have no idea where we are, nor if there are any people here, nor how to find the—”

Aleksandra’s heart froze and she stopped dead.

The trail beside the river. With footprints.

In an uninhabited wilderness…

It wasn’t uninhabited, either.

Before her on the trail was a pair of bare feet. Big ones.

Slowly, heart pounding in her chest, she lifted her eyes to meet those of what could only be a native of this land.

She gulped.

His dark face and body were covered by swirling tattoos—and very little else. The massively muscled, taut warrior, for he could be nothing else, held in his hand a big, heavy club, carved from a glossy green stone…

and he wasn’t smiling.   

Buy the Book:

A Sea of Green will be released on 27 May!

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Meet Lizzie:MayaLizHead 1500 kb

This novel is the third in this series of historical romantic thriller sagas following Aleksandra and Xavier from the wilderness of 1860 Utah to Colonial New Zealand. With Book One, A Long Trail Rolling, Lizzi Tremayne was: Finalist 2013 RWNZ Great Beginnings; Winner 2014 RWNZ Pacific Hearts Award; Winner 2015 RWNZ Koru Award for Best First Novel plus third in Koru Long Novel section; and finalist in the 2015 Best Indie Book Award

Connect with Lizzi:

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Xavier is having tea with the Duchess of Haverford, somewhere back in time!

Come on by and take a look!

It’s here!

for those of you who are wondering, A Sea of Green Unfolding will still be coming out in May, but it’ll be a little later in the month.
For details, check my next blog post.
You’ll laugh.
It’s better to laugh than cry, I figure, but waiting a little while will get you a much better story!
GO on and see what Xavier’s getting up to, it’s from This Book!
Head down, bum up… have written over 7K words in the past two days.
Lots of love,

When a Story Goes Astray

This is a post from one of my fellow authors on Authors of Main Street. The dilemmas of, as Joanna Penn recently told me to, writing short!

I, too, have to write one of these short, contemporary stories for our Christmas Boxed Set…
I hear too many of you laughing.

Come on over to Authors of Main Street and have a peek!

Authors of Main Street

Okay, I’ll admit it. I goofed. I started writing what I thought would be a sweet Christmas novella for the 2017 Christmas boxed set by the Authors of Main Street. Except my simple story has grown in length. The guidelines we follow are pretty relaxed and simple for these boxed sets. All new, great stories of novella length, 18K-40K words (I promise no one counts words), holiday themed (often an underlying theme), and no cliffhangers.

Here’s the dilemma. A romance usually ends in certain places such as the commitment for a lasting relationship such as an engagement ring or a wedding ring. So what have I done? He’s given her the engagement ring, actually without too much fanfare. The hardest part was getting to the point of asking. 😉  But I’m about to tip over the max word count.  I really need another 20k-30k words to finish this story. If…

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Depression and Empathy – the writer connection

Jill James, an author in the Authors of Main Street group I’ve been invited to join, has this to say about authors, and the source of the emotion in their writing–their own hearts.

Loved it, hope you do too!


Happy Monday, or Sunday, wherever you are.



Go on over to Authors of Main Street to see Jill’s post!

It’s here!


Authors of Main Street

Source: Depression and Empathy – the writer connection

First Review on The Hills of Gold Unchanging on Amazon!

LOVE the first review on Amazon of The Hills of Gold Unchanging!
5 Stars, by Shelagh Merlin, NetGalley Professional Reviewer!
Glad you liked the story!

Chiles Rellenos, Anyone?

Mornin’ all!

I’m blogging over at Romance Recipes today, with Aleksandra’s and my favourite recipe!


Come on by, the recipe is also in The Hills of Gold Unchanging!

Just click this link to go to Romance Recipes and comment for a chance to win a free digital copy of A Long Trail Rolling!

Have a wonderful day!

I’m completing the upload of the paperback version of The Hills of Gold Unchanging, just released this past weekend!




OH MAN, the Event Poster Didn’t Post…

Hi all,

trying to get used to’s ‘new and improved’…yeah right… backstage…

Missed posting this yesterday. This is the poster for our launch yesterday!


The event was a blast!

Held it in a venue that hosts a lot of ‘hip’ things, music, poets, etc, in the eclectic Wellington, NZ. (read: a music pub, hence the beer kegs in the photos… adds a touch of…picturesque trendy…I hope.

It was fun, nevertheless.  LOL.


Here’s a pic of gorgeous little Abby, who drew our spot (door) prizes, with her new poster of A Long Trail Rolling’s first edition poster!

More pics to be posted shortly!




Release of The Hills of Gold Unchanging!


We launched it in Kiwiland yesterday at a big Kiwi Book Feast launch with six other authors in downtown Wellington at Meow!  Great day, author talks, giveaways, food, signing and book sales!


This was darling little Abby, who pulled the spot prize (door prize) tickets for us, with her new poster of the first edition of A Long Trail Rolling!

I’m relieved my bags going back on the plane will be considerably lighter, and plenty of people have new books to read!

Today, however, all of you preorder purchasers of The Hills of Gold Unchanging will get your new ebooks!

I hope you love your new story!  If you love it, please be sure to help others find it by leaving a review where you purchased it!  This is how Indie Authors get known! 🙂

I’ll load the book to Createspace this week and those of you in other parts of the globe will be able to order paper copies of it from there directly, or from Amazon!



Photos coming soon from the launch!

Taking a day OFF!  Off to see a friend finish his half-marathon.




Chiles Rellenos Recipe and Sneak Peek!

Hi all!

If you love Chiles Rellenos con Queso like I do, you’ll like my guest blog post over at Jennifer Lowery’s Romance Recipes website!


Photo credit to with thanks!

Come on by and take a peek!  There’s also an excerpt from the beginning of The Hills of Gold Unchanging!

Come on by!





Romance Lives Forever Top Blogger and Top Chatter for January!

Excited to announce I was selected as a
Romance Lives Forever Top Chatter
AND Top Blogger for January 2017!
Thanks so much, Kayelle Allen, for the lovely gems! And they’re just my colour! 

Would you like to know how I ended up writing The Hills of Gold Unchanging in the first place? My now-book 3 was to be book 2…
Find out by heading over to Kayelle Allen’s blog, where you’ll find the story behind this 170K word saga…that was meant to be a (lol) novella.

Blogging about The Hills of Gold, New Release on Kayelle Allen’s Site today!

Hi all!

I hope you can buzz over to Kayelle Allen’s site to see the new post I’ve put up about my soon to be released The Hills of Gold Unchanging!

It’s at this link all day today!


Come on by!

It’s a good one!



Editing madly, still.


There’s a free copy of the trade paperback of my award-winning  A Long Trail Rolling up for grabs on the New Zealand Book Council FB page today for any Kiwis out there!  Just comment on the post and you’re in the draw! It’s the first in The Long Trails Series, which includes The Hills of Gold Unchanging, also featured on their website in their Booknotes Unbound! at…/
See you there!

This book is up for grabs:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00008]

and this is the book featured on their website!


We’ll run a contest soon for an ebook, worldwide!




Blogging Over at Wild Women Authors!


Today I’m blogging about Aleksandra, from A Long Trail Rolling,  over at Wild Women Authors! Come on by!!!

That’s Fri 13th in the USA and Saturday 14th in New Zealand!

I’m also talking about my next two books!~

It’s all here!






WOW! Fill up your Kindle today with this fab promotion of Kiwi and Aussie authors!

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there are some fantastic Romance, Historical and heaps of other novels on a great promotion I’m part of today and for the next two days! (USA TIME!)

All books $0.99 or free! Fill up that Kindle today!

My Historical Romantic Suspense, A Long Trail Rolling is in the Romantic Suspense category of the promotion!

Go here to find the sale, before it’s all over!

AND… FINALLY, the second book in The Long Trails Series, The Hills of Gold Unchanging, is up for preorder at selected distributors!
hills-of-gold-6x9-ebook-coverlg-fileA Sea of Green Unfolding… prelim-sea-of-green-no-templ

and Tatiana are available for preorder as well!Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00008]
Come on by my Store page here for details!

Fill up that kindle today! Never been a better time!

Looking forward to your comments on here!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!


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#Aotearoareads–Long Trail on NZ Book Council’s Summer Reads List!

Good morning!

A Long Trail Rolling has made the New Zealand Book Council Summer Reads List!  aotearoareads-logo

Booksellers NZ discusses the program here!   They’re keen to inspire interest in home-grown talent!

A cast of New Zealand writers have selected their top picks from the Aotearoa-grown bookshelves to help guide kiwis in their Summer reading goals.

Aotearoa Summer Reads launches with Fairfax Media on Sunday 11 December with not-your-average-housewife and author Gilda Kirkpatrick talking us through her book picks via video on, and with the first reveal of the extended reading list in the Sunday Star Times.

Writers Catherine Chidgey, Carl Nixon, Albert Wendt, Kelly Ana Morey, Jenny Pattrick and Leeanna Morgan have between them orchestrated a stellar list of more than twenty books to inspire our reading choices for the next few months.

It was announced on Stuff online news here

Fairfax Media has picked it up, so the announcement was in the Sunday Star TImes this past weekend, and will be out everywhere!

Pretty exciting stuff!


Take care, and have a safe and lovely holiday season! 🙂




The Third Edition of A Long Trail Rolling is released and uploaded to most websites.

New cover, revised interior!

Take a look!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00008]

And the paperback cover…with reviews by Deborah Challinor, Leeanna Morgan and Booksellers NZ


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00008]

And a treat inside the covers…

(Thanks Chris, at !)

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00008]


If you love sagas with gutsy, horsey heroines and  hot Latin Californio men, plus plenty of history thrown in, you might like my current series…

The Long Trails Series

A Long Trail Rolling, Book One.  A third edition–now out!

The Hills of Gold Unchanging, Book Two-18 February 2017

A Sea of Green Unfolding, Book Three-Due May 2017

Tatiana, Book Four -Due August – Dec 2017

A Long Trail Rolling to be Promoted as a Summer Read by NZ Book Council!


Some exciting news!
A Long Trail Rolling will be promoted by the NZ Book Council as a summer read, recommended by author Leeanna Morgan!Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00008]

The Book Council has begun to announce the Aotearoa Summer Reads , and mine will be in next week’s list, promoted on 18th of December, just in time for Christmas!

Aotearoa Summer Reads launched with Fairfax Media on Sunday 11 December with not-your-average-housewife and author Gilda Kirkpatrick talking us through her book picks via video on, and with the first reveal of the extended reading list in the Sunday Star Times.

Writers Catherine Chidgey, Carl Nixon, Albert Wendt, Kelly Ana Morey, Jenny Pattrick and Leeanna Morgan have between them orchestrated a stellar list of more than twenty books to inspire our reading choices for the next few months.

Here are the first week’s picks!



I’ll keep you posted when it’s out!



Blogging at Bluestocking Belles!

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I’m blogging today over at Bluestocking Belles page in their gossipy Teatime Tattler!

Hope you can make it for tea!  Come on by!

just click on the link above!


This is an original bit of story. The scene’s written, but this wasn’t included. It might be now!   It’s from one of the upcoming, soon to be released novels in The Long Trails Quadrilogy.

Hope you like it!



Lizzi, at home, writing in an island paradise… Thanks to Kajai Lang for the lovely photography.