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Reviews for A Long Trail Rolling:

From Deborah Challinor,Number one bestselling author and historian

November 20, 2016 

Lizzi Tremayne’s debut novel A Long Trail Rolling is the first in a quartet, a historical adventure series (with a nice dose of romance) that will follow central characters Aleksandra and Xavier from Utah in 1860 to colonial New Zealand. In A Long Trail Rolling, Aleksandra finds herself riding the Pony Express, the famously dangerous mail delivery service operating between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, disguised as a boy, to escape the man who murdered her father. By then she is very much a wanted girl; by the murderer, Vladimir; by her Spanish boss Xavier; and by her childhood friend Dancing Wolf of the Shoshone. But she stubbornly resists Xavier (at least, for as long as she can!), and the Paiute War comes between her and Dancing Wolf. The writing in the novel is vivid, light and fast-paced, and it will appeal in particular to anyone interested in American colonial history, and in general to those looking for a ripping good read. It has been meticulously researched and while some of that history has perhaps been delivered via slightly unwieldy dialogue in places, there is no doubt the author knows her subject. She also clearly knows about horses, which she would as she trained as an equine vet at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine. A Long Trail Rolling has already won several awards, and I’m looking forward to reading The Hills of Gold Unchanging, the next volume in the Aleksandra and Xavier saga, due out early next year. Go to for details.”


From Leeanna Morgan, USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author  

November 18, 2016

A Long Trail Rolling by Lizzi Tremayne

“Like many people, the Pony Express has always fascinated me. When I started reading,  A Long Trail Rolling, I wasn’t prepared for the incredible story that was about to unfold. Seventeen-year-old Aleksandra is on a desperate journey to keep a secret from her father’s killer—a secret that could alter the forces of power in Europe. The mystery, adventure, and danger of life in Utah in the 1860s is beautifully described. This is an authentic, emotional story of one woman’s fight for survival in an unforgiving landscape. I couldn’t put Lizzi Tremayne’s book down. Add it to your eReader or bookshelf today!”

Leeanna recommended the book to the NZ Book Council as a summer read!




Angela Oliver, Booksellers NZ:

An impressive debut from a New Zealand (ex-American) author.

“A Long Trail Rolling” takes the reader on a journey to the wild west, to the trials and conflict faced by the enterprising souls determined to tame it and make it their home…a romance, a western, and an adventure story, all rolled up into a compelling read…This is an independently published title, and as such lacks a little of the glossy flare that comes through the big established printing houses. It should not, however, be judged on the quality of the cover but on the quality of the writing – which is of high calibre. I don’t normally read romance, and I’ve never before read a western, but I devoured this one and am hungry for more.”


From Amazon: 5 starsPony Express as it really was!  bon October 1, 2015

“I love horses and the old west and knew I would enjoy this book – but it was different from most other western historicals I’ve read. Apart from having a tender romance at its core, it is full of intriguing and fascinating facts woven in with the fiction. Lizzi Tremayne obviously knows what she is talking about, her extensive research and knowledge make this almost like reading an exciting documentary – except that the characters are so well drawn the reader can’t help but relate to them and suffer with them on their journey, especially Alex herself. I love the way the horses are also characters in their own right. As a horse lover myself I was pleased that Aleks really cared about the horses she rode, and the description of each horse makes them come to life – especially Scout the black ‘Appy’. I used to know a black Appaloosa stallion, and Scout could have been modeled on him. As might be expected from an author who has the equestrian and veterinary experience and qualifications Liz has, the details about the horses, their tack and treatment of wounds etc., were convincingly written with an air of authenticity that made the story totally believable. This book is full of surprises and even the villain is not quite what he seems. The story kept me guessing all the way. Would Aleksandra and Xavier ever get past their respective hang-ups and learn to trust each other and give in to their growing attraction? Who exactly was Vladimir and what was the secret Aleks was so desperately trying to keep him from finding? These and others are answered at the end and most of the answers I didn’t see coming. The historical details, not just about the Pony Express and the Indian Wars, but Russia and Poland as well, were fascinating, and the novel conveyed the different cultures and nationalities that made up the Old West at that time.

Liz Tremayne writes convincingly, and paints vivid pictures of the characters, terrain and the horses. My only complaint is that the ending came rather suddenly, although that’s not to say the ends weren’t all neatly tied up, they were, but somehow I expected – or wanted – just a bit more. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series.”


“This book was a great read from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down! I am not normally a reader of historical or romance novels, but this story certainly didn’t disappoint in any way. I enjoyed the strong female character and her determination, as well as the equine knowledge and history of the Pony Express. I am very much looking forward to reading the next book.”


From Amazon: 5 stars… The best story I have read on the history of the Pony Express by Shirley Black

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Long Trail Rolling and found it hard to put the book down, I found the historical content very interesting, the maps and description helped me understand about the type of land the riders had to ride through. A great story and I am looking forward to reading the second book.”


Amazon: 4 Star Horses, history and adventure by author Anne M. Beggs

“This is a well researched western romance. Too bad the rich history of the pony express wasn’t taught with so much excitement, texture and political intrigue in school. Lizzi Tremayne incorporates the ‘melting pot’ of early US peoples making up the western frontier, with languages and cultures rapidly strangling out the native people struggling to survive. She introduces some fascinating Polish and European history. Engaging characters and their stories of life and love are what bring the history alive. Geography, vegetation, health and history – a rolling good tale from this first time author.Also a fabulous young adult read.Love Aleks and Xavier? Good news, Lizzi has more rollicking books following the continued adventures of these characters. Love Aleks and Xavier? Good news, because Lizzi will keep the saga alive and rolling for us with more books in this series.”


“From: Bobs Books Blog: bobsbooksnz  

Childrens and Young Adult Book Reviews by Bob Docherty

I was so glad to read this High School/Young adult novel because it embraced two of my favourite genre, westerns and romance, but it is a lot more than that with the author herself describing it as historical/adventure fiction.


Set in the Utah Territory of the 1860’s it is about an 18 year old immigrant Polish girl named Aleksandra who disguises herself as a boy and becomes a rider on the Pony Express, a job advertised only for skinny, young, expert riders, preferably orphans.


Before this happens her father is murdered by a Cossack henchman of the Czar of Russia called Vladimir who has followed Aleksandra and her family to America because they possess an elixer made from a plant found on the Steppes that not only treats depression but gives the user incredible stamina and strength. The Czar wants it for his cavalrymen and Aleksandra’s father, Krzysztof, refuses to turn it over.


Before this all happens Aleksandra and her family had become bloodbrothers with a Shoshone Indian tribe after rescuing the Chief’s son and that same son now wants to take Aleksandra for his wife. Circumstances between the Indians and the settlers deteriorated and the union unbeknown to Aleksandra, cannot take place.


Meanwhile Aleksandra after the murder of her father sought help at a trading post and had her heart go boom boom boom at the sight of the hunky but emotionally damaged Xavier. Will the men conflict over this young damsel in distress?


It is all set up for a wild time on the Pony Express. The last 100 pages are thrilling.


Well told by Lizzi Tremayne who not only tells a credible story but describes America when it’s environment was in pristine condition. It will make a green drool with envy. The descriptions of the Utah territory and the Great Salt Lake are breathtaking.


I loved reading this novel and you will to but don’t expect to read “head em off at the pass” or “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us”. Plenty of horse talk though and exciting encounters with the Indians.


Categories: Historical Fiction, Romance, Senior Fiction, Young AdultTags: Adventure, Love story, Pony Express, Wild West”


Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars A good picture of the Pony Express days, By Mary Catherine Sears

“A good picture of the Pony Express days, including a little about the settler vs. Indian problems without heaping blame on either side. I personally tend to be annoyed by authors who throw in words and phrases in various languages, but I must admit that Lizzie handles it well here, and that it helps to show the number and variety of the settlers that poured across the plains in those days.Early in the story I found myself wishing for a clearer, more three-dimensional, picture of Valdimir, the villain of the piece, but don’t know how I would have provided it. The developing relationship between Aleks and Zavier was nicely handled, and without an overdose of graphically described sexuality.Altogether well worth reading.”


From 5 star… Good read By moreennz

Enjoyed this book from start to finish. Some surprising twists in the telling.



From Bibliophilia: 5/5 Stars by ZR Southcombe,

“I went to the NZ launch of A Long Trail Rolling earlier this year (2015) and was intrigued by the author’s passion for horses and history. This passion is clearly demonstrated throughout the story. The protagonist, Aleks, shares Tremayne’s love for horses and cares for them more than she does for herself. Besides her interest in and love of horses, Aleks displays great skills in riding and combat. Aleks is an admirably strong – if stubborn – young lady. She resolves to be a part of the Pony Express by disguising herself as a boy, and to this extent reminds me of Tamora Pierce’s series, The Song of the Lioness.Romance sparked early in the story, and for my taste was a little too early. However, the relationship grew slowly and hit common hurdles between people who have loved, lost and are afraid to be vulnerable again. It was a refreshing realism.

The resolution was sound, but I was left with the feeling of a hurried ending. Perhaps it was due to the slow build up, but it was otherwise a fantastic read. I have no hesitation in giving A Long Trail Rolling five stars.”


Comment from judge Colleen Sharpe, New Voices competition of HQN

This has an attention to detail and richness that often goes hand in hand with a ‘literary novel.’ … Your writing style has a fluidity which is easy to read… As a literary novel this slow burn which you do so well is to be expected, but I would struggle to place this in a category even with such a rich historical link. This is as you say a book that transmits over many levels and has a quiet intelligence which shows your voice beautifully. I would read more – I think however your book would be found sitting next to Phillipa Gregory on the book shelf. (At least it would be on mine!)

Well done.


Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars I loved it! But now I feel quite bereft   by: J. R. Giliam “Jane Giliam”

I’ve just finished “A Long Trail Rolling”. Oh my, I loved it! But now I feel quite bereft. You know that feeling when you have misplaced something, and you feel a bit lost, and don’t quite settle for a while? Well, that’s the feeling I got after finishing this book. I went on to read the excerpts of the next two, and felt equally abandoned after not being able to follow the stories through. It is the most delightful story, with the heroine, Aleks being rather marvelous, and someone to whom I could easily relate. I’m not as tough as she is, though, but I was right there with her every page. I also enjoyed reading and learning about the various cultures presented in the book. The different personalities – all so vibrant and alive. As for the horses – I want Aleks’ pony. Some of the other ponies just broke my heart – I want them too. I grieve for What? and want to bring the others home.

What I also loved was the opportunity to read a book which has the details correct regarding horses! There is nothing worse than being deliciously into a story, only to come across something silly or incorrect about horses or any other animal, demonstrating the author’s lack of knowledge. I suppose we’ve all read those books over the years, but it tends to sway my entire opinion about a book as a result. With “A Long Trail Rolling”, however, this was never a concern and made for totally satisfying reading, whereby one can open the imagination wide, curl up comfortably in a chair with coffee, and embrace and live the tale vicariously. A thoroughly enjoyable read, and definitely 5 stars.


Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars Really enjoyed the book both from a historical and a horse lover. by Sara Nadolski, veterinarian.

Really enjoyed the book both from a historical and a horse lover’s perspective. It was fast paced and kept the suspense going. the story also had nice interjections of comfort care, good horsemanship, and real Polish recipes passed down through generations. Looking forward to the next release in the series.


Amazon: 5.0 out of 5 stars Loved this book even though I didn’t expect to. By Kate Le Petit

Loved this book even though I didn’t expect to. It was fast paced and exciting with a fab inspirational strong lead character. This is not my standard genre and I was surprised to discover how much I was pulled into the story especially the descriptions of European and Indian history in a way that doesn’t sound like a history book. The true-to-period veterinary medicine was fascinating and topped off an engrossing read. If you have an interest in horses, history or the wild west this is well worth a read. It took me for a great ride. Roll on the next book.


Goodreads: A Long Trail Rolling (The Long Trails, #1)  Matthew Mole‘s review   Jun 24, 15

Read in March, 2015


An outstanding first novel. I’ve always been interested in the Pony Express and was pleased to find it a feature of such a well written adventure novel. Well researched by someone who obviously knows and loves her subject this is a well paced historical adventure. Highly enjoyable. I’m pleased to see that it is part of a series. Im looking forward to the upcoming releases.



Steve Rovno
Read a bit the first day I had it. The next evening I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. I read it through to the end and went to bed at 0230!
Thanks for the historical and geographic details including Rancho de las Pulgas. What fun to see that! I also enjoyed the Polish/Russian references and the revealed motivation of the Cossack’s character at the end.An interesting, enjoying, compelling read. Great fun
I need to preface this review by saying I am somewhat biased as I have known the author since early childhood but the following is my comment to her: “Watching tonights news, there was a spot about today being the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express and ‘tho we weren’t travelling the exact route, our RV trip took us thru much of the same country you wrote of. It was a perfect setting to finish your book, while travelling thru Indian Territory, where I could envision the story and pretend we were really there. So, of course I love it and that coming from a very cynical gal who has lost any belief in romance, but the balance between “that mushy stuff” and the attention to historical detail, along with the dramatic suspense made for a great read! So proud of you!”
Goodreads: A Long Trail Rolling (The Long Trails, #1)  Kathy Heare Watts‘s review     Jan 08, 15  on Goodreads
5 of 5 stars
Bookshelves: authority-figurecrimefamily-issueshistorical-romancemysteryseriessuspensewestern-romance 

Read from January 06 to 08, 2015

This book is a fascinating tale that encompasses so many historical events and actual people entwined with a beautiful story that is woven into its pages of family, secrets, adventure, mystery, suspense and love. The route along the Pony Express and the sights and smells are so vividly described, as a reader, you can envision and feel as if you are along on this journey as a voyeur. This story crosses the ocean into Poland and Russia and the uprising and threats that follow to America for the Lekarski family, especially Aleksandra. My heart breaks for her, from finding and burying her father, Krzystoff, to running for her own life dodging raiding Indians, riding the Pony Express in disguise as Aleks, dodging a threat from Russia, to finding love. Three men want her, the Indian, Dancing Wolf, from childhood that loves her turns her away because of the impending war between Indians and settlers, Xavier Argeuello is battling his memories of family and betrayal and Vladimir Chabardine is after the family secret. The plot is captivating and the dialogue is heartwarming. I was so engrossed into this story, which kept the pages turning until the wee hours of the morning.


Cover for Paperback

Cover for Paperback


5.0 out of 5 stars
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Right up front, I will tell you that I am the proud mother of Lizzi Tremayne and you might assume I am prejudiced when I tell you that I was absolutely enthralled with her book. I read the first couple of drafts and had a hard time keeping my mouth shut to be “of help”, but when I finally held the kindle in my hands to read ” A long trail rolling”, I could not put it down. It is an amazing story of the American frontier days, painting such a vivid picture you can practically taste it, you can feel the sweat dripping, hear the characters come alive and visualize the rough riding country these mail carriers had committed to cross, facing innumerable dangers. Knowing that Liz and my 17 year old grandson Elliot actually made their way to the actual Pony Express trail all the way from New Zealand, walked and rode it; having seen “the trail” with all its wiggles pinned up on her “storyboard” in her Waihi office, marked tightly with events, places and peoples names, having listened for several years to her fret about the drafts and coming up with “aha” solutions; this was such a jubilant moment. She seems to have her own spirit woven in there, all her love of horses, history and romance.-. Such a wonderful creation- I hope many people have a chance to read and enjoy this book!
P. S. Now I cant wait for the next book! Great Job, I am so proud of you, Lizzi
I really enjoyed this nostalgic trip back to the Wild West with Aleksandra and Xavier. It brought back fond memories of watching westerns as a child with greats such as John Wayne and Little House on the Prairie. I’ve often thought it a shame that they don’t get as much air time on television, so this book was a pleasant reminder of why I loved them so much.
With a slow building suspense leading up to a page turning climax, and a delightful ending, it made me feel like saddling up a horse and going on an adventure beneath the great starry night-sky.
Look forward to finding out what they get up in the next book of the series.
Well done. Highly Recommended to souls with an adventurous romantic heart.

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4 comments on “Book Reviews: A Long Trail Rolling

  1. Trish Miller says:

    Hi Lizzi

    I have just finished reading your book ” A Long Trail Rolling” which has recently been added to the Waihi Library. I was asked if I would like to comment on the story which has prompted me to write my first ever public book review. The following are a few of the pictured images and feelings that I felt conveyed through the story. Here goes.

    An easy reading 5 star story echoing the book title.
    From the first chapter the reader is drawn like an invisible parental guardian to the vulnerability of the lead character Aleks, whose character from necessity, transforms to maturity.

    Well researched information about the early introduction of the Pony Express Service.

    The reader is transported to feel the cadence rhythm of galloping & cantering from station to station outposts with the mail, and the connection between the different horses and rider.

    The author translates & reflects her experience and deep affinity with the story’s various breeds of horses.

    Looking forward to reading the future stories in this series.

    Trish Miller


    • Thank you so much for your well-considered review, Trish! Good job on your first review!
      I’m so glad you liked it!
      Kind regards,


    • Thanks again, Trish!
      Any possibility you could post this to Amazon and any other of the above buttons? If you click on the buttons of your choice they will take you straight to the review page of the various review sites!
      Thanks so very much! This is one of the best ways for new writers to become recognised!
      Kindest regards,
      Lizzi T


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