Hello from New Zealand

Atlatl at Kel's

Atlatl at Kel's

Archery at Kel's

Driving through the centre of the north island yesterday with my son was a lovely experience. Beginning to get cold near “The Mountain” of Mount Ruapehu near Taupo’ trees changing colour in the valleys nearby; staying and playing with good friends; watching good dogs work sheep, flowing like a river, in the early morning mists; working a bit, studying a bit in my one week of holidays. Archery, knives, tomahawks and shurikens at O’Hara Estate south of Paengaroa, NZ has been a great release, exercise and fun to boot. (Facebook page photos, Lizzi Tremayne page). Swimming daily keeping me reasonably sane and fit. Next week it’s back to University block week for my Graduate Diploma in Teaching (sec) at University of Waikato. The course has been a stretch for me. Managing veterinary school at one of the top schools in the states was tough, but not insurmountable. There’s nearly as much work in this course, but it’s mostly online, I still have a practice to work and I have a few more responsibilities to care for (not to mention possessing thirty more years of age) than when I last attended university! Gotta be good for me. Pony Express, Express Desire writing has been placed on hold until after 20 Nov, when school is done, unless there is a spare moment not devoted to my young man here. Something had to give and my brain is not a desirable option. I hope those of you in the northern climes are enjoying your springtime and those down here are all sorted for winter, firewood in, horses fuzzy and turned out. DID steal a few hours to complete a short story which had been lurking in the back of my mind a few weeks ago. Sent it in for a NZ competition. I like it, will see what others think! Love to you all out there, take good care and take time for you and yours. Lizzi

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