Write it Forward Publishing Options Online Course Now ON!

Hello All,

Write it Forward (Bob Mayer and Jen Talty) have just begun their online Publishing Options course!

I am taking this course because during my first month of writing, I was fortunate enough to end up at the RWNZ Conference in Auckland, where I spent most of the Fri-Sun incessantly taking illegible notes listening to Bob. Thank God he let me buy the last two of his books (Write it Forward and The Writer’s Toolkit) he carried with him from Australia before he left NZ. From these sessions, I felt like I already knew both him and Jen! Bob was kind enough to spend time with me, listening to me babble on about my new novel (historical with romantic elements, but mostly historical, 1860 Old West, girl masquerading as Pony Express rider, etc.) and giving me very sound advice at the reception, though he would rather have been writing in his room or probably anywhere else! (Thanks, Bob!).  My contact with him and Jen since then via blog, email, twitter, etc, has also been fantastic, (Thanks Jen!) so when this course was announced, I was in like a shot.  I’d like to learn whatever Bob and Jen have to impart. They’ve been incredibly generous with their time and expertise. The way they work is something I can get behind, in a big way.

My expectations of the workshop include more depth in the topics Bob introduced in his talks in NZ as well as in those in his blogs with respect to current trends in publishing options; the nuts and bolts of how to prepare my future writings for e-publication and the information I need to decide whether to use traditional or self publishing, and for which novels, etc. Generally, more information on all these subjects. I like to research things as well as I can and I believe this course will allow me to do so!

Bring it on!  I like their motto,  Lead, Follow or Get the Hell out of the Way!!!

I appreciate their offering it. The other participants sound like an interesting and very experienced bunch!

Regards from NZ,


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