Kobo Standings!


Just went onto my Kobo dashboard, and what a surprise!

it reads:

A Long Trail Rolling

by Lizzi Tremayne

The Long Trails (Book #1)

Long may it continue!

Hope to see you at the NZ Book Launch for A Long Trail Rolling at the Waihi Public Library on Rosemont Road, Waihi, at 10 am this Saturday 7 March!



7 comments on “Kobo Standings!

  1. Roy Mole says:

    Congratulations! Roy

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  2. Kirsten Petersen says:

    Congrats. I am sure others, like I, are waiting with baited breath for further adventures of the winsome couple and education of the past. Go Girl! Hugs!

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  3. J.C says:

    Congrats, Lizzi! So thrilled for you 🙂


  4. James And Frances says:

    Well done Liz. You must be delighted. Good luck with the book launch. Are you still planning a book launch tour? Can I get a long trail rolling for an iPad? With love, Frankie

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  5. Very soon, Frankie! The iBooks version is uploaded, but awaiting confirmation of EIN from IRS before it’s released. I’d wait till then, as it’s the most gorgeous version I’ve yet seen. I reformatted the whole thing for iBooks and it’ll be worth the wait. Hopefully in the next two weeks!
    Thanks for asking!
    Yes, I’m going to do a book launch tour. Any ideas of the best place in Roto for a signing?
    Thanks for that!


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