Writing away… Pics from RWNZ C2C Meeting

Greetings to you all!

Pics are here from the RWNZ C2C Meeting and posted below, thanks to Jacqui for the lovely photos! Thanks so much!
On Easter Sunday Jeanne and her husband stopped by to deliver the loveliest gift! Jeanne had mounted four of the photos she took at this same afternoon… A photo of the collage they make will be posted asap!


Demonstrating grooming and harnessing, complete with terms for participants' writing.   P1030179   P1030181
 Demonstrating grooming and harnessing, complete with terms for participants’ writing.

P1030171  The ladies of the RWNZ C2C

  The ladies of the RWNZ C2C


 The Boys working togetherP1030190 
 “The Boys”, Toya and Maya, working together
My writing of “Express Desire”  is  progressing well!  For those of you who have not heard about it yet, Express Desire is an 1860 fictional historical suspense with romantic elements…
Aleksandra, trained in the Cossack arts from infancy by her father, finds herself alone and running to prevent her Pa’s killer from obtaining a secret which could allow world domination by the Czar.  Disguised to most as a boy rider in 1860′s Utah Territory for the Pony Express, she finds in her “Californio” boss a strength to match her own and together they create a team that can overcome the odds.

The first chapter is in the My Writing section of this blog!

Photos from the session described in my last post are below!




2 comments on “Writing away… Pics from RWNZ C2C Meeting

  1. What a fun and productive day for all involved. I especially love the photos of your looking at the camera–beautiful expressions.


    • Thanks Annibel! So glad you liked it! Many of the ladies have commented on how much they took away from the meeting that they can use in their writing! We had a short writing exercise on a scene wherein participants used terms and concepts they had just learned during the horse demo! Some wonderful bits of writing!
      Take care and thanks for the comment!


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