Teachers…Which special ones do you remember?

Hi all,

A recent FB post made me sit down and write a little about some of the teachers in High School who made a huge difference to my life…

Pescadero High School, Pescadero, CA…  a huge place, with all of a hundred students from 9-12 grade. Some of us came from nearly Woodside, some 45 minutes to an hour on the bus, especially those as far away as the Bergmans on Skyline Boulevard. 🙂

Here’s what I remember about my HS teachers…

🙂 Patty O, you did so much for me. Western Civ, Yearbook, Newspaper, English… you’ll be pleased to know I’ve just published my first novel, A Long Trail Rolling, a western historical romantic adventure fiction… and the second and third are half done…I’m sure you’re watching me from above with your yardstick… best get it right… Tony Magagnini, always will love you to bits! You made Civics bearable, and were brave enough to teach us all to drive, AND took us up to San Fran for the last drive with us… Amazing. Thanks for coming for dinner with us all when we were over visiting from NZ, Miss Light, I’ve done lots of bio AND cooking! Mrs. Morgan.. your Espanol held me in good stead in University, until met a professor from ARGENTINA… the only class I ever QUIT… Mr. Raney, sorry I didn’t realise until way too late just what a spectacularly gifted man you were… and having taught guitar at primary schools when my sons were taking it, I now understand just what you did with the brats from three primary and one high school… you were amazing. I’m sure you’re watching from up there, with your balding pate shining in the sun of the gods as you smiled your way through yet another rendition of the Chambarita tune… you were amazing. Mrs. Curry, you taught us maths… You’d be pleased to know I ended up doing heaps of maths (uni calc) and sciences on my way to vet school, and through it….Oh yeah, and now I’m teaching high school… mostly sciences and maths… in NZ. Thanks for the great role models. XXX

SO, guys and gals, which high school teachers do you remember made the biggest impact upon your life?   Would love to hear!


Back to writing!



Por qué Xavier tenía que ser español, or Why Xavier had to be Spanish….

Español….   …  ranks behind only China in total number of language speakers, and far ahead of English speakers.. One good reason to include it in my nearly-completed novel…

Another one… it is the language of love…

Xavier, born of his Spanish Californio family is, despite his challenges, able to speak this language of love… In what other languages are the words for “I want you” the same as for “I love you”?

Enrique Iglesia… The best music to Latin dance to and to feel…  for me…

So, you see,….  Xavier needed to be Spanish…

Oh, you ask… (deafening silence…) why include Polish characters and language in the same novel?  Hmmm… they aren’t even on the language-frequency chart…   People who can survive what they have been subjected to for the past several centuries and come out with their incredible optimism and zest for life deserve to be heard… and remembered. And no, my Polish is extremely poor, but I know where to find help!!!!

Gracias por leer… Thank you for reading…

Hasta luego, que le vaya bien….

Lizzi Tremayne

Utah and California, Here We Come!

Looking forward to our trip to the States in July!

We will be visiting many sites from the novel Express Desire, soon to be completed!


First, the Rancho de las Pulgas, which was the old 1795 Spanish land grant which belonged to the family of my novel hero Xavier Arguello, which today comprises most of the cities of Menlo Park, Atherton, Redwood City, San Carlos, Belmont and San Mateo (that part of the city which lies south of San Mateo Creek).

Map of the Rancho de las Pulgas ca. 1857      1853 Pulgas

Map of the Rancho de las Pulgas ca. 1857

Rancho de las Pulgas,  the Old Spanish land grant of my hero Xavier’s family in California

I was born in Redwood City, close to the home the Arguellos lived in, at the corner of Cedar and Magnolia streets in the city of San Carlos. We will see the marker on this site as well!

Later, I grew up in the redwoods in nearby La Honda. We will visit there, too.  I’ve written about it in a previous post, Stagecoaches, the Peek a Boo Inn, etc! La Honda 3 La Honda 2 La Honda

We will then journey to Sacramento, where the current Old Sacramento served as the western terminus of the Pony Express. The Pony Express statue shown here is located at the corner of J and second streets and is kitty-corner to the Museum (which I don’t think I’ll be able to stay out of, either…  My poor son…)


From here, the mail went aboard riverboat to San Francisco, except for the few times when the steamer was missed, then the riders had to ride all the way to San Francisco!  Here is a monument to one of the steamers who carried the mail!

 pony express steamer 1pony express steamer 2

Thence East, following part of the trail!

We will wind up in Utah, where we will be hosted by the infamous Heartys, supporters of the Pony Express movement in Utah, (Patrick Hearty is the Past President of the Utah Pony Express Assn and Co-Author of The Pony Express Stations in Utah, a man to whom I am indebted for his assistance with my book, along with his lovely, long-suffering wife from whom I’ve stolen much time for Patrick to answer my multitude of questions!). We will go over the Utah portion of the trail, backtracking to Nevada,

Simpson's Springs Station Simpson’s Springs Station marker…


And this rather desolate looking Pony Express Trail Marker below shows the site of Rush Valley Station, where Aleksandra, my heroine, found shelter after she was first attacked by Indian arrows…

mmm.. don’t think it’ll look much like this in July! The Oquirrh Mountains & Lewiston Peak are shown in background. Great pics, thanks, Acidman 1968, wherever you are! Tried to contact you! Contact me please? Thanks!

from http://www.panoramio.com/photo/17004731  Credit to Acidman 1968!
from http://www.panoramio.com/photo/17004731 Credit to Acidman 1968!

Then Patrick is taking us along the trail on horseback through Hickman Canyon!

E Hickman Canyon

Hickman Canyon

After we leave the Heartys,  we’ll return to CA the long way, through City of Rocks, where the baddie Vladimir finds himself in the story

after a ‘shortcut’…

City of Rocks gooding_city_of_rocks01.gif

By then we’ll have run out of time!

We will be hustling back to the Bay Area to fly out a few days later!

Thanks so  much for reading!  Hope to see many of you over there or when you come to visit in New Zealand!


Lizzi Tremayne