Learn Something New Every Day!

Hmmm… Well….

I’ve learned something new in the past few days… so it can’t all be bad. 🙂

TAKE-HOME LESSON NUMBER ONE: Use only ONE year for all ‘first’ copyrights for a book. (helps to not do all this in December and January, LOL).

TAKE-HOME LESSON NUMBER TWO: If you have any queries, ASK. I usually do, but must not have, as have no email record of it.

TAKE-HOME LESSON NUMBER THREE: When you lose, be nice about it. I did, and it made all the difference to their committee and I over the last 24 hours.

A little bad news for me today (but fantastic news for another lucky finalist!)

There have been copyright date issues regarding my entry in the Virginia Romance Writers HOLT Contest, where I was a finalist in both the Best New Book and the Best Romantic Suspense categories.


I entered it by the USA copyright date (2015), which was correct for the competition, but it was listed online still with the original NZ copyright date (2014), which was correct at the time they were posted. A further challenge was the fact that I’d won the 2015 Koru Award Best First Novel, which required a 2014 copyright date (NZ contest, NZ copyright). I believed the NZ copyright date had no bearing upon international rights with respect to this contest.

My mistake.

A not insignificant one, it turns out.

While I have been disqualified, the Virginia Romance Writers and their Contests Committee have been kind enough to refund my entry fee and I plan to enter their competitions in future, with other books. They have given me their blessing on this. 🙂


Still smiling.

Steps of artmarket

Plus, I still have the comfort of knowing A Long Trail Rolling was one of only four finalists in two categories of a contest with over 400 entries.

That’s nice. 🙂

long trail

Thankfully, Australia’s RUBY contest entry conditions are based upon publication date. My fingers are firmly crossed.

Thanks for the kind words, all,


PS, my new FB pages are:

Lizzi Tremayne Author Facebook page

This is attached to my Elizabeth Anne Thompson Facebook page

My previous Lizzi Tremayne Facebook page will be deleted soon…Tidy-up time!

Take care, I smell my chutney burning…. speaking of which, will post on that soon!