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A Great Show at Farmlands HOYS 2015!

Hello All!

We had a great show at Horse of the Year Show last weekend in Hastings, New Zealand!  We spoke with HEAPS of people (not correct, but a Kiwism… 😉 ) about their horses, their kids and our books. We all had a great time!

We sold and signed quite a few books in our own stall and in the Horse & Pony Bookshop as well! It was wonderful to talk to so many interesting people!

While walking around the trade stalls, we were pleased to add FIVE new stockists to our growing

list of stores

carrying A Long Trail Rolling! The managers of several more booths were rather busy on Sunday afternoon and requested that I send more information.

And Heeeeaarrrrr they are!

Horse & Pony Bookshop invited me to sign books they were selling in their stall!


Horselands immediately said they’d take ten, as soon as I showed it to them!

horselands logo

Champions Equestrian was keen to have some books!

champions_logoThe Kiwi Care Team is carrying my books (via their website) and we’re making a donation to the team from every book sold.



Steed Health &  Saddlery wanted a handful too! They are the new owners of the business and they’re doing a great job!

HorseTackNZ Saddlery liked the look of them and took some home as well!


Of particular interest to many of these horse shops now carrying our product was a book I’ll be writing while wearing my veterinarian hat as

Elizabeth Thompson, DVM, MANZCVS, GradDipTeach.

(yes, in between the other books in the series…. 🙂 ) about equine dentistry for horse owners.  Watch this space! 🙂

Very exciting was receiving news of a review, which was commissioned by BooksellersNZ!  See it here!  Made my day!

Back to work now, hope you like the new look with clickable buttons! Thanks very much to Tracey Alvarez, a writer of contemporary romance, for the great inspiration!

Have a great weekend, all, I’m WRITING, in my lovely home in beautiful Aotearoa!



Horse and Carriage Driving Workshop Today

Happy Saturday… We’ve had some drizzle for about 3 hours now, not a lot, but it’s not running off either!  Hope all of you in NZ are getting some rain as the drought is not helping anyone!  (Yes, to those of you in faraway places, it hasn’t rained properly for more than a month or two here, which spells disaster for many farmers and stock / horse owners in NZ who  tend to depend upon grass to feed their stock).

A great group of RWNZ C2C writing ladies just left after another fantastic potluck lunch!  Blue Mist Shemaya (“Maya”) and Blue Mist Montoya (“Toya” –Of course, from The Princess Bride!) and I shared a few hours of horse information, behaviour and terminology they can use in their writing, from haltering in paddock through grooming, harness, carriages, gigs, harnessing through to long-reining (driving without a vehicle) my new pair!  Several of the ladies loved the feel of sitting up high in the Glinkowski Polish combined drive carriage and were impressed by its attributes!  They asked great questions and although few of them had been near horses before, several of them took advantage of the boys’ lovely temperaments and petted and fed the appreciative horses.  It is very exciting to finally have Toya and Maya working together after all these years of dreaming about it! They will be in the carriage together next Saturday with Kevin’s help, all going well!  I will post new pics when they come from the ladies! The bays  loved the attention (and, of course,  the 3 bags of carrots the ladies brought with them)!   Now it’s writing time!  I’ve a novel to complete!

Have a great weekend, All!