Lizzi’s New Website is UP!

Hello all!

My new website is now UP and mostly done…but…..

if you wish to receive any further notification of my blog posts,  you’ll need to re-subscribe on my NEW site. It’s at the same URL,, but it’s MUCH better.  I’ve spent the past month creating this site. Come see what a vet and writer can do with a bit (a lot?) of help.

Just click on my new header pic below and it’ll take you there!!!

My new header for new website!

The website is a little different…

I’ve started it with the blog as my landing page, which has now become a combined blog for four ventures: Lizzi Tremayne Author; Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks; Blue Mist Equine Veterinary Centre; and Horse, Geek, & Sword Literary Consultants. The last one is Matthew Tremayne and my newest venture!

The main menu leads to each of four business pages, so the site combines these four businesses in one web page. Everybody thought I was nuts to attempt it with my first website…but have you ever known me to do things the easy way? I can maintain ONE website, not four. It made it a little tricky, but it’s worked. 🙂

Come read about it!

Though apparently dissimilar, these pages and businesses share common threads…and more than a few horses…so I hope you like the changes!


This website will be going private soon, so come on by and renew our relationship on my new page!

More blog posts coming up. Things I want to share, in many areas. Feel free to share with others you think might be interested!

Thanks for being part of such an awesome group of readers.

See you over there!


Lizzi Tremayne

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