Old Sacramento and the Pony Express!

Hi All!

Spent a great day and a half in Old Sacramento!

Stayed at the Vagabond Inn Executive-Sacramento (Old Town), which I highly recommend for value for money, great people and great offerings!  Plus, they’re right across the street from Old Sacramento!

I was met by the Pony Express larger-than-life statue, and after being hurried out of the enclosure by a bicycle policewoman, was lucky enough to have my photo taken by my old friend Dan!


The Sacramento History Museum was great, and their merchandising manager has copies of A Long Trail Rolling and two books by Pat Hearty and Joe Hatch for review! Here’s hoping they want to carry them in the museum!

It’s lovely at night, after the best fresh chiles rellenos I’ve ever had at La Terraza, the buildings all lit up all over Old Sac…


Then onto the Amtrak at Old Sac,  LOVELY old building…



Hmmm.. so this is what happens when one moves too quickly with the panorama setting… but it’s lovely nonetheless!

And on to Eureka, Fortuna and Bayside for three more talks!

The first one was today, and we made the newspapers and websites here!

And wouldn’t you just love to have one of these 16th C windows in your front door? Found them at The Blacksmith’s Shop

It’s in Ferndale, lovely place!

Thanks for showing me some of your most special places around Eureka and Arcata, Mum and Lars!

Have a great day, all!

Two more talks tomorrow, if you missed today’s!

3 pm at the Humboldt County Main Library at Eureka and

7 pm at the Bayside Grange !

Come on by!



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