A Long Trail Rolling

A big Thank You to Annie Featherstone, aka Sophia James, for mentoring me, my award for winning the Pacific Hearts Award.

Thanks to Annie, A Long Trail Rolling is on its final edits, and the balance of The Hills of Gold Unchanging should be completed by end of November during NaNoWriMo! A Sea of Green Unfolding is mostly written and should follow soon!

I hope to have Long Trail available for Christmas!

Thanks to all of you who have written, wondering, once again, when the books will be out!

Back to work. No rest for the wicked! In addition to teaching high school science and equine veterinary dentistry practice, I’ve managed to put my hand up for acting as co-convenor of the Coast to Coast Chapter of the Romance Writers of New Zealand, and also Secretary for the whole RWNZ… Funny, when neither I nor many of the members actually write “romance”!  It’s the most awesome group of enthusiastic, encouraging and empowering writers I’ve yet found in New Zealand…

And, NaNoWriMo starts 1 November… 50 K words in the month of November. If you haven’t been on their page, take a look!  nanowrimo.org

I’d better get back to it!


Regards from NZ,




8 comments on “A Long Trail Rolling

  1. joanne says:

    hugs to you for the blooming of your adventurous self……you are the only kid i know to do so much…not just the i’m leaving on a jet plane…..

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  2. Thanks Joanne! .. Hmmm… Coming from you and Steve… hehe… the nurse and doctor who were the most adventurous people I knew while growing up… Your many medical missions in places far from your home in places where you were so needed, Guam, etc.. were legendary to me, and a huge inspiration.
    Lots of love from down under.


  3. Kirsten Petersen says:

    Lizzie I agree with you about Steve and Joanne. They were like you: In their case they each stood up for their love of each other, much against the beliefs of their religions. Steve went to help the wounded as they came off the battlefield in Vietnam although he was all about peace. Hard choice!
    Still remember packing Joanne off to Guam with the small boys and her concern for their their little Volkswagen bug, which she had greased completely in VASOLINE so it would not rust. Oh boy, they have lived the real dream, still there holding hands. Love you guys!

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  4. Kirsten Petersen says:

    Well, My Lizzie. You must be pretty wicked, for you sure are pretty busy. Thanks for the invite to NANO. I am so proud of you. I am so happy you are teaching kids also! Keep passing it on!.

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  5. Roy Mole says:

    We are looking forward to a good read


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