Storyboard for ‘Intervening Novel’ Created…

Yes, you heard me right…

I’ve given in…

Some of my fantastic beta readers have told me things like…..

“Too much has happened between A Long Trail Rolling and its Epilogue.”

(Hmmm… I didn’t really think so, but your other comments were well-received, Kate…)

Thanks, Kate L.


Matt’s been a bit more blunt…

“You need another novel in between A Long Trail Rolling and A Sea of Green Unfolding”, he said, out of the blue the other day.



clifton Sepia part Latest card 2014 jpg

(Hmmm… just redid my business card to reflect novels number one and two…)

Thanks, Matt…


A Sea of Green Unfolding


What does he know, anyway? He’s just another author…




It simply didn’t bear considering, as I was flying along with Sea of Green and didn’t want to look back over my shoulder. I tried to forget about it.

Enter Sheryl, hostess of our monthly C2C RWNZ Branch meeting. Last Saturday, Sheryl, a writer and teacher, offered a fantastic workshop on creation of storyboards as a preparation for novel writing…  and Matt had to say it…  again…

“You ought to do your board on the novel between your first and third.”

“My first and third?” I knew what he meant, but wasn’t about to admit it… “I’ve only written two..”

He’s relentless.

“Stories.” He arched an eyebrow at me.

“Oh.” I gulped.

He just grinned and returned to perusing magazines for visuals of characters to use in his own storyboard for his upcoming “Glass” speculative fiction quadrilogy.

“But I haven’t thought about it yet,” I muttered, as I slunk away to find some materials.

Grumble, grumble…


Out of the ashes of my attitude has come…

Ta da!


…the storyboard for the ‘intervening’, soon to be my second, novel.


A Sea of Green Unfolding will have to be relegated to third novel…  but I’m going to finish it first!


So here’s the storyboard.. It’s unfinished, as yet, but it’s on its way!

It’s 3-D, so I’ve shown it in two views!


20140729_101939 20140729_101910




In this ‘new’ second  novel, Aleksandra and Xavier’s 1860 saga continues from the Pony Express Trail of Utah, via the gold country of 1860’s Nevada and California, through Old San Francisco, to the old Californio Rancho de las Pulgas, Xavier’s old family hacienda.

The ‘new’ third novel, A Sea of Green Unfolding, will take up where this one leaves off…

Working on a name for this new ‘second’, intervening, novel… Something about “The Hills of Gold…. ”  or “The Golden Hills… “

Can you think of a good name?  I’d love to hear it! This might have to become a competition!


BIG THANKS to both Kate and Matt,

you were both right.


Thanks for coming by!

Take good care and see you again soon!


4 comments on “Storyboard for ‘Intervening Novel’ Created…

  1. joanne says:

    do not use gold in the title unless you want to follow the gold rush of 1849. even now with the severe drought many do not understand the hills of gold….. as the wheat or straw grasses. but whatever you want…it is your baby. have fun with it….j


    • Hey Joanne, yep, it’s part of the gold rush of 1849, just a little later on. The gold diggin’s were still going strong in 1860! (as you no doubt know better than I!) Thanks for your comments! Good to hear from you!


  2. Kirsten Petersen says:

    Well it all depends what you will be putting in there and what is in Sea of green.El Dorado somehow comes to mind, but that is not all. A heavy time of gold greed, false alliances but summer orchards round the homestead. jealousy from the wannabe be rich speculators.. a time to break free of for the sae of green! A time to weep? I have no clue what you are feeoling about it. When was the Donner Party. Cold in them that hills!  Good luck. Am I hitting on anything ? 

    Soda Springs??A bit of Russia again? Fur traders in Ft Ross, down from Alaska? Very exiting. Coloma. The golden hills of El Dorado ( a good location for their rancho)

    Kirsten M Petersen 3666 J Street Eureka, Ca 95503 530 640 1866


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