La Honda today, Santa Cruz tomorrow!

Hi All, thanks so much for all of your BD wishes.
Elliot and I are today at home of Leslie, my best friend from growing up in the hills of coastal northern California, minutes from where we grew up…


Leslie manages a huge place here… lovely.



Yesterday, we flew into SFO and Elliot and I got a car, went and had Mexican with Dad and Ruth in San Mateo (part of the Arguello’s original land grant) and then to Half Moon Bay for dinner with my special friends from growing up… pics to follow…



Was great to see them all…

Off to do more!

XO, Lizzi

3 comments on “La Honda today, Santa Cruz tomorrow!

  1. Annibella says:

    OH Boy, did I miss the chance to meet a bunch of fun people! Moon Valley is a bit rustic -but we do have magic. I suspect there is a tribe of Moon Valley Amazons, currently known as Moon Valley Mayhem. See ya tomorrow =)


  2. Annibella Beggs says:

    Greetings: Double replies as I also left on your blog! Moon Valley is a bit rustic, but we have high expectations. Your Mexican dinner party looked like a blast and I am sorry we were unable to come meet and greet–but tremendously busy. See you tomorrow a.m. you are the only thing on my schedule…Amazon time =) Annibella

    Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 22:39:30 +0000 To:


  3. Kirsten Petersen says:

    Thanks Lizzie Great pictures. I hope you had a good time today, I am back home tonight, glad to be! So good to see you guys and everyone! Love’MOM   Kirsten


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