Por qué Xavier tenía que ser español, or Why Xavier had to be Spanish….

Español….   …  ranks behind only China in total number of language speakers, and far ahead of English speakers.. One good reason to include it in my nearly-completed novel…

Another one… it is the language of love…

Xavier, born of his Spanish Californio family is, despite his challenges, able to speak this language of love… In what other languages are the words for “I want you” the same as for “I love you”?

Enrique Iglesia… The best music to Latin dance to and to feel…  for me…

So, you see,….  Xavier needed to be Spanish…

Oh, you ask… (deafening silence…) why include Polish characters and language in the same novel?  Hmmm… they aren’t even on the language-frequency chart…   People who can survive what they have been subjected to for the past several centuries and come out with their incredible optimism and zest for life deserve to be heard… and remembered. And no, my Polish is extremely poor, but I know where to find help!!!!

Gracias por leer… Thank you for reading…

Hasta luego, que le vaya bien….

Lizzi Tremayne

4 comments on “Por qué Xavier tenía que ser español, or Why Xavier had to be Spanish….

  1. Graham Eyre says:

    Thought hat French was the Language of Love 🙂   Have a good trip home 🙂    G



    • Thanks Graham,
      Some might think so, but that’s only because they’ve not had a Latin lover!!!
      Thanks for the trip wishes!
      Have a good day tomorrow, sorry the weather’s not cooperating for shooting arrows!
      I’m buckled down and writing till it’s DONE… then there are the sequel and prequel to write…. on to NZ and back to Poland!
      OOOHHhhhhhhh… this’ll keep me out of trouble!


  2. Shirey Wine says:

    Do you Speak Spanish? I’ll remember that when I want you to check the Spanish in my latest book!


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