HMB Great Beginnings Competition Entry Posted!

Hello all!

The first 5000 words of the latest edited version (edition!) of Express Desire and 700 word synopsis have been submitted to the HMB Great Beginnings Competition in the Historical category!  Thank you especially to my great critique partner, Jen, or as you all know her, Angela Castle!

After two days of editing, cannot wait to return to my nearly-completed first draft of the Express Desire manuscript! 

In response to those who keep asking me WHEN it will be available, my answer is SOON!!!!

Thanks for asking!

Regards and have a great day!

Lizzi Tremayne

2 comments on “HMB Great Beginnings Competition Entry Posted!

  1. Annibella says:

    Seriously good news–fingers crossed and positive vibes your way =)


    • Thanks so much, Anni,
      HOW is YOUR writing going today???
      Hope you can get down here for our fantastic RWNZ conference in August!!!
      Fingers crossed for that, otherwise, I’ll see you in July when we go over to the States to go over the Utah portion of the trail with Patrick Hearty, Author,Past President of and Expert on (Well, I say so!) the Utah Pony Express Assn! Would be great to meet a whole lot of riders out there! Unfortunately, we’ll miss the Annual Pony Express Re-ride, which is in June! Have to put that on the table for next year!
      Kindest regards,


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