Writing and a Ride in the Gig, anyone???

Good Morning, All!

Cranking on novel. Express Desire is coming along nicely. Should be done soon… Plan to have it published before I go to States in July to ride along the Pony Express trail with Patrick Hearty, Past President of the Utah Pony Express Association as well as meet up with all the fantastic people who have helped me write this book!  Book signings along the Pony Express trail, anyone????  (Thanks for the great idea, Mum!)

Need to finish it this month. Time to rock!

Great to get onto Zen Doe’s great blog yesterday, The Wind Horse Blog http://windhorseblog.wordpress.com/   and meet up with this lovely lady and spectacular, heartfelt writer. Highly recommended, all!  Thanks, Annibel, for all your encouragement!  And you are working on your blog today, are you not, Milady?

Well, writing and planning on driving two horses today, probably in the gig, maybe the carriage… Get it done!

Have a great day, All!!



3 comments on “Writing and a Ride in the Gig, anyone???

  1. Published by July!!!!! Holy Moley. Can’t wait. I’m hoping to have my manuscript done by June…then pursue publishing…you ARE on the express track.


  2. Annibella Beggs says:

    Greetings: Posted on blog–and as I say, holy moley–Express Desire indeed. I am hoping to have my manuscript done by June, pursuing publication optins after that. So thanks for blazing the way. Annibella

    Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 18:59:32 +0000 To: ambeggs@hotmail.com


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