2 comments on “Changes again….

  1. You have enough life experience to know you deserve and will find the perfect position. With your equine dentistry do you ever perform any restorative procedures, fillings, bridges, etc? Russ is exploring some possibilities, there is a dental vet in Red Bluff who has done such, tho I haven’t talked with him/her myself. Also some hoof treatments in the thought process…

    And yes, back to the novel. I’m no expert on the timing of romance, but keep me in mind if you want to be on line edit buddies.

    Write on,


  2. mmm.. restorative for fractured teeth, etc, but bridges… got some extra titanium? long story, but the shear forces within the equine mouth wipe out every product that’s thus been tried… Now feet, that’s another story! However, with correct balance, you shouldn’t need these sort of things, unless have traumatic incident! Love the feet argument!

    Thanks, just trying to get through finishing it, then will start editing. I appreciate what you’ve commented on before. When I start to do major editing, I stop writing, so will continue, and rewrite the whole thing if I have to! hehe.. then I’ll groan!
    When I’m done, I’d love to see more of yours. I’m using it as a reward! She was hiding in the chapel, last I heard…… thanks, my friend! Just went out and groomed and french plaited the two boys and life more centred again! Going to have a little truck load practice with the angelic one, then in to write!
    thanks so much, Talk soon.


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