Oil Spill Motiti Island, New Zealand. Being called NZ’s biggest maritime disaster ever.

The container ship which ran aground on a reef off Motiti Island has resulted in huge disaster for the marine wildlife and the seacoast in general.

Current updates at: http://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/5773171/Latest-updates-Rena-oil-spill-crisis


If you’re in NZ, you can help by going to: http://t.co/WuXg2IjX ,  click Help w/Cleanup or ring 0800 645 774 or email to:  iccrena@gmail.com

There was absolutely no excuse for this disaster to be visited upon the marine life and this beautiful coastline.

This world has got to get it’s S*** together.

Isn’t it time to get to work on other forms of heat and motion generation?








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