Scarlet Boa Competition Entry

Hello! Welcome!

The entries for Stella Cameron’s Scarlet Boa Competition are now posted online. Thanks Stella!

my entry is at:


The 2011 Contest: Show Don’t Tell:

For this year’s Scarlet Boa Contest, write an scene in as close to all-dialogue as possible. Anyone can tell their readers how their characters feel, but can you show them—convey an attitude, a sense of urgency, despair or excitement… using only dialogue?

From ten finalists, one winner will be voted on by readers to receive the coveted Scarlet Boa and Award Certificate, and three more writers will each receive an Honorable Mention.

Reader/Voters will be entered into a random drawing for a special prize. (Hint: Chocolates!)


a. Write a scene using as close to pure dialogue as possible
b. Use 1,000 words or less.
c. One entry per individual.

The Scarlet Boa contest is open to published and non-published authors alike. Submit your entry (500-1000 words). We’ll accept submissions until September 30th and post them online October 5th.

To see all entries:

go to

click on Scarlet Boa Tab, go to bottom of page and click on  submissions posted online

it will give you the list of 43 entries to look at. FYI, mine is number 27.

To vote, go back to above page and click on Voting (First Round)

and enter yourself to Vote!

Unfortunately, the indents didn’t come out for anyone, it seems. Some very bright people must have used double enter between dialogue person-changes. The paragraph double-enter spaces worked.

Enjoy reading!


2 comments on “Scarlet Boa Competition Entry

  1. Nas Dean says:

    All the best for your entry!


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